Carpe Diem March 2017 "Praise to the emptiness", the beauty of Persian poetry

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Welcome at a new month of CDHK in which I will change a few things to give myself more time off. As I told you last month time is always my greatest "enemy". I have a busy life, work and family and I have to choose how to go on with CDHK, because I love making CDHK, but I also love work and family. So I have made "temporarily" choice to make is myself a little bit easier.

Let me tell you the changes I have made:

I will only publish on weekdays, just one post a day except on Fridays than I will publish two posts, one for the day and one for the weekend. The post for the weekend can be "Namasté" or "Universal Jane", these will alternate biweekly, but you can not respond immediately on Friday, but I will open the submission on Sunday at noon (CET). That will give you time to contemplate before you respond.
It's not a major change, but I think it will work, not only for myself but also for you my dear Haijin.

Recently I read a wonderful article about the poetry of Persia, nowadays known as Iran. The Iranian people live with poetry, they all can recite poems of several Iranian / Persian poets like Rumi, Hafez (or Hafiz) and Saadi. They all gave the world their poems, thoughts and wisdom. They all are kept alive in modern Iran were those poets are part of every day life. This month I love to explore the beauty of the Persian / Iranian poetry and especially the poetry of the above mentioned poets.
In a way March 2017 will be a month full of "Carpe Diem Distillation", that special feature in which I try to inspire you through poems. More about this special feature you can find HERE.

From the (first) CDHK Survey I learned several things. One of those things was that you all enjoyed our Theme Week, so this month I will have a Theme Week again, not as an extra feature, but as part of this month. This Theme Week will be in week 12 (March 20-23) and it will be a week full of poems by Hafez (or Hafiz), the most read, beloved and recited poet of Persia, nowadays Iran.

Persian Architecture
Her are the prompts for this month:

1. roses
2. nightflower
3. Namasté
6. dancer
7. flute
8. humble
9. fountain
10. Universal Jane
13. wounded heart (#)
14. filtered light
15. leaving
16. silence
17. Namasté
20. potted plant
21. lover
22. morning breeze
23. knowledge
24. Universal Jane
27. arise (##)
28. departure
29. broken heart
30. drop of rain
31. Namasté

I hope you will enjoy this month full of beautiful Persian poems and that those poems can and will inspire you.


Chèvrefeuille, your host

Chèvrefeuille, your host


  1. This will be one of the best months. Persian poetry is beautiful and so much part of the culture. Gardens in Persia or Iran now are also famous. Some of the love of poetry has spilled over to Afghanistan, specifically Herat, known as the world capital of poetry and it is all in Persian and everywhere in the city, evenings in houses, cafés etc (though in Afghanisyan Persian is known as Dari).

  2. From these new prompts I can see there is a really wonderful month for CDHK ahead, Kristjaan! Looking forward...