Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Carpe Diem Extra Augustus 29th 2017 results of the sunflower kukai

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Here are the results from the Sunflower Kukai. I am a little bit late, but there were several circumstances that needed my attention, so therefore I had not enough time to gather the results of the Sunflower judging.

The WINNER (with 11 points) of the Sunflower kukai is Lolly Williams with the following haiku:

end of summer
a spider threads all its hope
on a sunflower

And our RUNNER-UP (with 5 points) of the Sunflower kukai is Dolores Fegan with the following haiku:

amber petals
set ablaze by evening sun
lighting the garden

Both CONGRATULATIONS with this result ... both haiku are really beautiful.

Here are the points:

Haiku 6: 11 points
Haiku 15: 5 points
Haiku 5, 9 & 12: 3 points
Haiku 16, 18 & 22: 2 points
Haiku 10, 11, 25 & 30: 1 point
All the other haiku didn't receive points

Than ... I have another announcement. Maybe you can remember that I started the new kukai "Departure" and that that kukai would close on July 23rd 2017. However there were only four poets that submitted haiku for the "departure" kukai, so I have decided to re-open the "Departure" kukai right now to give those who haven't submitted yet the possibillity to submit a max of three (3) haiku for the "departure" kukai. I will close the submission-period on September 15th 2017 10:00 PM (CET),

You can submit your haiku to: carpediemhaikukai@gmail.com please write kukai departure in the subject-line.


  1. I loved both of these haiku. Congratulations to Lolly and Dolores

  2. Oh hey! Hi! I have been away and I had forgotten about this challenge.

    Oh wow, thank you everyone. I am honored!