Monday, December 3, 2012

Carpe Diem #61, Plovers, Sandpipers (Chidori)

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Another day in our haiku paradise Carpe Diem. We're busy with classical Japanese kigo for Winter this month and I am amazed to see how you all are writing your haiku so easy on those classical kigo. I am glad to see that there are new names which post their haiku here ... it makes me grateful and humble. It's a joy to host this daily haiku meme.

Today our prompt is Plover or Sandpiper (Chidori) and I have some nice pictures for you and a few haiku written by our classical haiku masters.

While I am writing this new post (December 3rd) we have our first snow, it looks awesome, but the ground is still to warm and the snow melts away, but it's a wonderful sight and maybe I use this in one of my own haiku for today's prompt.

Plover on the beach
clothed for breeding -
sound of water

The Plover has a range of looks for several moments in it's life, the one above is clothed in breeding plumage.

if I just whisper
the flock of plovers
bursts into flight

(Kobayashi Issa)

from one side
wind from the hills ...
plovers singing

(Kobayashi Issa)

tiptoeing along
the plover gets wet feet
and cools down 

The Plover is a very common bird here in the Lowlands of Netherlands.

Another haiku by one of our classical haiku poets, our Special haiku master Buson::

wind clouds
throughout the night -
a plover in the moonlight

(Yosa Buson)

a plover on the shore -
no grasses, no trees
his rainy night

(Yosa Buson)

sandpiper on the shore
reflects in the low tide water
kisses itself

Isn't it awesome? What a nice kigo ... I hope to read wonderful haiku on this prompt. So be inspired, be creative and write .... share your haiku with us. (PS. The haiku underneath the pictures are written by myself.)

This prompt will stay on 'till December 5th 11.59 AM (CET) and I will publish our new prompt Bed Bugs (watamushi) later on today around 10.00 PM (CET).
PS. On the promptlist of December I had written 'kaeribana', that's incorrect.


  1. I like your middle haiku the best. It inspired me to try to write something similar.

    I can't believe how much I've learned about our natural world by writing haiku.

    Thank you for these wonderful prompts.

  2. Hi, Kirstjaan, I had just decided to call it a day, when I saw your haiku prompt. I decided to write haiku on sandpiper/plover and enjoyed it very much. I'll have a look tomorrow morning, who else has written on the topic.
    I like the first Issa and the first Buson haiku best.

  3. Hi Kristjaan, I had thought I decrease my writing in December. But I feel I'm learning so much here. I love your last haiku. Very very good.

  4. Before I realized the prompt was plover/sandpiper -- I read Lolly's, without realizing it was part of Carpe Diem ... I had to look up the word "plover" .... then I checked the prompt for today and discovered it was plover/sandpiper. Sandpipers I am familiar ... LOL!!! Enjoyed reading each of your offerings, Kris!! Lovely!!

  5. Thanks once again Kristjaan, I'm enjoying the difference in hemispheres when we're writing this month.
    I love your 3rd image and words, but each is a delight today.