Monday, February 22, 2016

Carpe Diem #923 desire

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Another nice episode about senses provided by Hamish. During lack of time I will only publish his essay about desire and that essay is a wonderful one which he created together with Ese of Ese's Voice. Here is the essay on desire.

Hi everyone, Ese here for this post:

For the topic of 'Sense of Desire,' I was asked to submit the first page of my planned upcoming book, 'Butterfly Thy Name.' Please find the (true) story's start below, and use this as your inspiration for your haiku!
I rarely get the butterfly effect deep inside me that I feel when I see Ponto Veccio in Firenze, or walk through the small street labyrinths of Rome. Yet I felt them, too, when I stood barefoot on the warm beach, Porto’s heritage, with its vintage trams and red roofs, its cobblestones and orange trees behind me, and the ocean breathing in my face. The sea at Porto that awoke me, and set my senses free was an indigo dream, a deep blue on the edge of Europe, as far from Latvia one can get without jumping continents. This sea that frothed on the beach and pulled back, sliding with a shushing sound around my toes, with its accompanying breeze that wrapped my hair around my face, lulled me into the belief that I could sail oceans, and hushed me when my thoughts became too practical. Instead I watched the horizon beyond the villas pressed against seashore, blinking with the lights of Porto in the dusk, and let the sea air play.
I felt exhilarated, and far from the distant meadows of scented grass beneath me, in those summers of long Baltic days and short thunderstorm bursts, that soaked to the seams of my dress. And in those early summer mornings, when the last dewdrop on a blade of grass had yet to fall, I dreamt so often of journeys, a desire rippling, dawned, as the last notes of a strummed guitar by the embers of another campfire faded, a need, yearn for adventure, to lie back and be swept up, taken. At those moments, with sun rays reaching from as far as I could see, I knew that for those flutters of beautiful, exotic butterflies I needed to seek the summers of horizons unseen.
When the tides came in I was drinking coffee, the sea air spraying me, across the magnificent beach. The fishermen jumped from the boats riding up onto the beaches. They wore overalls and big boots, their chests bare, and pulled the fishing boats up onto the wet sand with capable arms. The masculine view rippled through me, and goosebumps sprinkled on my skin in a chilly sort of way. I did not avert my gaze, as they wrapped up ropes, fishing nets and boxes, before walking up the beach past me. It took one glance from one of the men, his overalls loose and strapped on one shoulder over his bare chest. Just that one glance and smile in those charcoal eyes for me to feel that warm desire between my legs...

over to you!
Credits: desire

Well ... I hope you have enjoyed the read and of course I hope it will inspire you to create an all new haiku in which desire is caught.
I ran through my archive and I found a nice tanka, which fits this prompt very well I think:

Lilies of the valley
their sweet perfume makes me drowsy
hot summer night
between silken sheets her warmth
honeysuckle coolness
© Chèvrefeuille

This episode is NOW OPEN for your submissions and will remain open until February25th at noon (CET). I will try to publish our new episode, humour, later on.

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  1. achingly beautiful

    my desire is rather lustless [sic] in comparison. But what can you expect from a seven-year-old :-)