Monday, January 28, 2019

Carpe Diem #1594 Cliffs ... Renga With Jane Reichhold

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

What a joy this month was and still is. We have explored classical and modern kigo for winter. We have had nice kigo and I challenged you with beautiful haiku by Jane Reichhold, all extracted from her modern saijiki "A Dictionary of Haiku". We even created a winter renga with Jane Reichhold.

Today I have another nice modern kigo extracted from her modern saijiki. That kigo has a little sad taste, because I have chosen for the modern kigo "cliffs" and we all know that Jane choose to end her own life by jumping of a cliff back in 2016.

Cliffs in Winter (Lake Baikal)

What a wonderful sight those cliffs in winter ... Today I challenge you to create a renga with Jane Reichhold's haiku. As you all know you may choose your own "line-up" and try to create a "closed chain" through an association on the "hokku" (starting verse) in the "ageku" (closing verse). You have to add the two lined stanza (approximately 14 syllables) to complete this Renga With Jane Reichhold.

Here are the six haiku to work with. All haiku are themed through "cliffs", our modern kigo for today.

frozen cliffs
swept by lighthouse beams
soft in the dark

giant waves
sea cliff rocks
summer sea secure

high tossed mists
warmed in morning sun
above winter cliffs

after the storm
sandstone cliffs relax pebbles
into the beach

high tide
brings storm waves
to cliff dwellers

sea spray
the cliff laced
by crystal

© Jane Reichhold (Extracted from "A Dictionary of Haiku")

A nice series of haiku I would say and a wonderful opportunity to create a Renga With Jane Reichhold, one of the most wonderful modern haiku poets and a close friend she was. Her spirit is still moving around here at CDHK.

This episode is NOW OPEN for your submissions and will remain open until February 4th at noon (CET). I will try to publish our new episode later on. 

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