Sunday, June 9, 2013

Carpe Diem Special #41, Kikusha-Ni's 'lost in the woods'.

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

What a joy to share another nice haiku written by our Special haiku poetess Kikusha-Ni. This is our second Special for this month, so I hope this one will inspire you all as did the first Special of this month. I have read wonderful haiku and I am glad that I can and may be your host. It's a honor to be your host.

For this haiku I couldn't retrieve the Romaji translation, so I share the English version only:

lost in the woods
only the sound of a leaf
falling on my hat

What do I see, experience in this haiku? I experience loneliness and the joy of being one with nature. Just the sound of a leaf falling on my hat, a sign for the ending of life, could this one be her 'death poem' (or Jisei)? It could be, but I can't tell you that. My sources aren't that broad that I could find more about Kikusha-Ni.

Well ... now it's up to you ... write a haiku in the same sense, tone and Spirit as the one by Kikusha-Ni. Not an easy challenge this time I think, but well ... you all can do it ... for sure.

in the cobweb
rustling in the Autumn breeze
one colorful leaf

That was my attempt to write in the same sense, tone and Spirit as Kikusha-Ni.

This prompt will stay on 'til June 11th 11.59 AM (CET) and I will post our next episode, the start of our mid-summer kigo, Suzushi (Cool), later on today around 10.00 PM (CET). So see you later.



  1. Very nice haiku Kristjaan, and I think your analysis of Kikusha Ni-s haiku was superb.

  2. Love your analysis too, and a wonderful haiku you created. I got a slightly different feeling out of the poem but that's what so great about Carpe Diem

  3. Beautiful work.. Very good imagery. :)
    I also loved the one by Kikusha Ni; it is resplendent.