Friday, June 21, 2013

Carpe Diem's Kasen Renga Session #1

Credits: Kasen Renga Session

Good day dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

I love to introduce a new feature here on Carpe Diem. With the Tan Renga episodes I already started a nice way to write haiku together. And today I will introduce our next step in our Renga playing. It's an experiment and I hope it will work out.

Today our first Kasen Renga Session starts. I love to try a Kasen renga with you all. A Kasen Renga is a Renga of 36 linked verses following the next path 5-7-5, 7-7, 5-7-5, 7-7 .... and so on. Just like the Tan Renga you have to write a stanza through associating on the verse before your turn.
Our beloved haiku originated from this Renga, a chain of verses following the above mentioned structure. The Renga started with the so called Hokku (openings verse) written by a haiku poet. The next poet wrote the next stanza and so on. The poet who writes the last stanza called Ageku has to associate on the hokku (and the verse before him/her) so the Kasen Renga is closed properly as a chain or circle.

The Kasen Renga follows a structure in which there are themes which you have to use in the stanzas. I will give you the structure later on in this post. First I like to tell you how this is going to work.

I start the Kasen Renga with a Hokku and the next poet writes the following stanza in the comments field. There will be no linking widget and you have to be alert on which stanza you have to write. So e.g. poet A writes the first verse 5-7-5, poet B writes the 7-7 stanza, then poet C writes the following stanza of 5-7-5 ... the importants thing in this is that you have to read the comment before you, so you know which stanza you have to write. (!!!! DON'T FORGET THE NUMBER OF THE STANZA IN YOUR COMMENT !!!!).

Let us try this .... we will see how it's gonna work out. I will give now the structure of our first Kasen Renga:

1. Hokku 5-7-5 (Summer)
2. 7-7 (Summer)
3. 5-7-5 (Love)
4. 7-7 (Freedom)
5. 5-7-5 (Moon/ Autumn)
6. 7-7 (Autumn)
7. 5-7-5 (Autumn)
8. 7-7 (Love)
9. 5-7-5 (Love/ Flowers)
10. 7-7 (Love/ Free verse, no theme)
11. 5-7-5 (Water)
12. 7-7 (Rocks/ Mountains)
13. 5-7-5 (Moon/ Winter)
14. 7-7 (Winter)
15. 5-7-5 (Love/ Flowers)
16. 7-7 (Bamboo)
17. 5-7-5 (Flower/ Spring)
18. 7-7 (Spring)
19. 5-7-5 (Spring)
20. 7-7 (Moon/ Autumn)
21. 5-7-5 (Pigeons)
22. 7-7 (Love)
23. 5-7-5 (Summer)
24. 7-7 (Summer)
25. 5-7-5 (Pebble)
26. 7-7 (Love)
27. 5-7-5 (Flower)
28. 7-7 (Water)
29. 5-7-5 (Moon/ Spring)
30. 7-7 (Summer)
31. 5-7-5 (Autumn)
32. 7-7 (Winter)
33. 5-7-5 (free verse, no theme)
34. 7-7 (Flower/ Spring)
35. 5-7-5 (Rocks/ Mountains)
36. Ageku 7-7 (Spring)

This structure, not exact the classic structure, is called a 'Summer Renga'. So the Hokku must be a Summer haiku. (Behind the syllables per stanza you can read the theme for that stanza). The title of this first Carpe Diem's Kasen Renga Session is taken form the Hokku, "no lonely night".

Credits: Firefly


"No Lonely Night", a Summer Renga

Startdate: June 21th
Closingdate: July 22th

Hokku (5-7-5) by Chèvrefeuille (your host):

firefly party
their fragile light caresses me -
no lonely night

(c) Chèvrefeuille (pseudonym of Kristjaan Panneman)

have fun, feel free to post your stanza to our first Kasen Renga Session. Good Luck!!!

Chèvrefeuille, your host


  1. 2. 7-7 (Summer)

    open peony blossoms
    her scent lingers beneath stars

    (c) Rick Daddario

  2. 3 5-7-5 (Love)

    moonbeams caressing
    golden hair on soft pillow
    O my sleeping love

    Björn Rudberg

  3. 7-7 (Freedom)
    on the clifftops your dream flies
    hair in the wind wild and free

  4. 4 7-7 (Freedom)

    watching a stray strand of hair
    in the shadow on your face

    1. Dear Maggie, would you like to write the fifth stanza of 5-7-5 with the theme Moon/Autumn, because Managua Gunn has already written the fourth stanza. He posted his comment earlier then you did. Thank you for your effort to write a stanza for this first Kasen Renga of Carpe Diem.

    2. 5 5-7-5 Moon/Autumn

      autumn's harvest moon
      trees begin to shed their leaves
      please don't change seasons

  5. #6: 7-7 (autumn)

    an Indian summer wind
    passes over pumpkin fields

  6. #7 5-7-5

    single maple leaf
    decorate the farmers shoes
    after harvesting

  7. #8 (7_7) love

    maple leaves fall in the gutter
    while kissing my wife

  8. #9 (5-7-5)love/flowers

    gentle touch of lips
    hands embracing hands of love
    holding an aster

  9. #10 (7-7) love / free verse

    her yearning for an ocean,
    his passion for her kisses

  10. #10 7-7 (Love/ Free verse, no theme)

    firefly light attracts his mate
    as starlight brings her to me

  11. 11. 5-7-5 (Water)

    her voice an echo
    of the soothing waves that break
    on childhood sea-shore

  12. Good day JzB, would you please be so kind to write another stanza for this Renga? You've shared however a nice 10th stanza, but Nimue's stanza was published earlier. Maybe you can write the 12th stanza.
    Thank you JzB.

  13. 12 # 7-7 (Rocks/Mountains)

    echoing through the silent mountains
    the lamenting cries of seaguls

  14. 13 # 5-7-5 (Moon/Winter)

    a clouded old moon
    shivers in wake of cold winds
    ache for warmth of love

  15. 14. 7-7 (Winter)

    wilting embers, winternight
    join my under the duvet

  16. 15. 5-7-5 (Love/Flowers)

    lovers of twilight
    meet in a field of flowers
    steal a silent kiss

  17. 16. 7-7 (Bamboo)
    Kindly ignore the previous submission which is written in three verses of syllable counts 5-7-5..

    embracing lovers at dusk
    shaded in a bamboo grove

    1. Good day HA ... thank you for your participation in this kasen renga. I have deleted your other comment as you have asked.

  18. 17 (5-7-5, flower/spring)

    sprouting bamboo shoots
    between colorful tulips -
    I curse quietly and blush

  19. 18. (7-7) Spring

    newly married bride
    smile spreads on her rosy cheeks
    her man nudges her