Monday, August 12, 2013

Carpe Diem #270, Monsoon's Dance

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

What a joy to prepare a new episode of Carpe Diem, the 270th episode, it's really a wonder that Carpe Diem is still there. I hadn't thought that I could do it, but ... well you can see and read it ... Carpe Diem is still alive and kicking.
This month is really a joy to make. All those wonderful musical pieces by Karunesh (and the one by Guy Sweens) making me happy and learn me to become inspired through music and images. Today I share a video with Karunesh music titled "Moonsoon's Dance". (This video is made by xEgale )

Monsoon is traditionally defined as a seasonal reversing wind accompanied by corresponding changes in precipitation, but is now used to describe seasonal changes in atmospheric circulation and precipitation associated with the asymmetric heating of land and sea. Usually, the term monsoon is used to refer to the rainy phase of a seasonally-changing pattern, although technically there is also a dry phase.

after the heat
monsoon starts to dance
the thirsty earth

the thirsty earth
languishes for fresh rain water
monsoon's dance

monsoon's dance
finally the heat of summer

What a joy ... after a long time of summer heat and dryness finally the Monsoon starts to dance giving new life to Mother Earth.

This episode will stay on 'till August 14th 11.59 AM (CET) and I will publish our new episode, Morning Celebration, later on today around 7.00 PM (CET). !! Monsoon's Dance is open for submissions at 7.00 PM (CET). Have fun, lean back and enjoy the music. Let it inspire you to write new haiku.


  1. Love your haiku... monsoon must be wishid for....

  2. This one is a nice prompt, but somehow is just not coming together yet! Nice post though!

  3. Like the feel of this and yours are lovely
    We appreciate all you do and understand when you are busy...