Thursday, August 22, 2013

Carpe Diem's Tan Renga Challenge #11, "cricket silence" Jane Reichhold

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

A new Tan Renga Challenge is on. I hadn't time yesterday so this new Tan Renga Challenge is a bit late, forgive me.
I have chosen for another wonderful haiku written by our last month's featured haiku-poetess Jane Reichhold. She really has written masterpieces and I think this one, used as the first stanza of our new Tan Renga, is such a masterpiece.
The goal of the Tan Renga Challenge is to make the Tan Renga complete with the second two-line stanza (7-7). Please copy and paste the first stanza (5-7-5) by Jane Reichhold into your post and complete the Tan Renga with your second stanza. That second stanza has to be written out of an association from the first stanza,

first stanza:

cricket silence
between scraping sounds
autumn begins                                 (Jane Reichhold)

second stanza (7-7): 


Credits: Cricket

Looks a bit spooky to me this cricket, but I liked this picture to illustrate the haiku by Jane Reichhold. And I have given it a try also ... here is my Tan Renga completion:

cricket silence
between scraping sounds
autumn begins                                           (Jane Reichhold)

colorful leaves fall silently
in the puddles of last night's rain              (Chèvrefeuille)

I think this one is awesome, not completly 7-7, but I think it makes the Tan Renga complete. Now it's your turn ...
This Tan Renga Challenge will be on 'till August 29th 11.59 AM (CET). Have fun, be inspired and share your Tan Renga completion with us all here on Carpe Diem, the place to be if you like writing and sharing haiku with the world.


  1. Love the haiku, and I can just feel this first touch of autumn.. Very strong bridge (autumn begins) in this poem.

    Your completion was similar yet very different ton mine Kristjaan. Yours really tasted autumn.. Beautiful

  2. Thanks, Kristjaan! I was tempted to dictate more letters, when I saw your Tan Renga preparation. That was the right way to slip into the evening.

  3. Delightful challenge - as always, Kris. Thank you for it!

    Here in TX with 100 degree weather - we are far from this season, although the calendar should indicate otherwise.