Sunday, August 9, 2015

Carpe Diem Extra 28 - 2015 CDHK's first Renga Party

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

It's my pleasure to present to you our "line-up" for our first Carpe Diem Ranga Party. There were 17 CDHK family members (including myself) who registered to participate in this Renga Party. I will publish the list somewhat later in this post. First I will tell you how this will going to work. I hope I can explain it good enough ...

In this first CD Renga Party "in the twilight" we will create a classical kasen-renga of 36 links. The first link is the so called "hokku" (starting-verse) and for this first Renga Party I have provided a haiku composed by myself:

in the twilight
mist creeps over the fields -
stars twinkle

© Chèvrefeuille, your host

Renga is a chained poem written by at least two poets. Every link has a season as theme, but there are several links with another theme. I will highlight those links in the "line-up", at three places in the "kasen renga", the turning points so to say, there are two links following each other written by one poet.
Every link "needs" the former link, because you have to associate on the "images" in that former link to write the next link.

Of course we are not together in one room, so every participant (you all will get a "clinical" number), has to wait for his/her turn. You have a maximum of 24 hours to write/create your link and post it in the comments field beneath the post of the Renga Party. If you have written your link, please "invite" the successor poet to write his/her link with the following words (or something like that) " (name of your successor) your turn!" !! PLEASE WAIT UNTIL IT'S YOUR TURN, because you need the link before you !!

As all is going according the plan, than this Renga Party "in the twilight" will be ready around September 20th. Than I will bring all the links together and will publish our first CDHK kasen-renga "in the twilight" in a post here at CDHK.

Just a last thing before I will bring the "line-up". Because of the fact that this first Renga Party will last for somewhat a month, you can find the Renga Party above in the menu. Please write your "link" in the comments-field of that page. I hope this will become a wonderful Renga and I hope that you all did understand how it is working.

Here is our "line-up":

[SU = summer; A = autumn; W = winter; SP = spring; Misc. = non-seasonal references -- usually about people or feelings or places; Love = well you can decide... Moons are always autumn unless you name it a summer or winter or spring moon] (The numbers after the link-numbers refer to the lines to use, so [2] is two lines and [3] is three lines)

1.[3] [SU] hokku (“starting verse”)

                in the twilight
                mist creeps over the fields -
                stars twinkle

                © Chèvrefeuille

2.[2] [SU] Ese
3.[3] [Misc.] Candy
4.[2] [Misc.] Hamish
5.[3] [MOON / A] Jen
6.[2] [A] [also write link #7] Sky

7.[3][A] Sky
8.[2] [Misc. / Love] Lolly
9.[3][Misc. / Love] Usha
10.[2][Misc. / Love] Dancing Echoes
11.[3] [Misc.] Georgia
12.[2] [Misc.] Dolores
13.[3] [MOON / W] Celestine
14.[2] [W] Gillena
15.[3] [Misc.] Milan
16.[2] [Misc.] Ruchi
17.[3] [FLOWER / SP] Jazzy
18.[2] [SP] [also write link #19] Nimi

19.[3] [SP] Nimi
20.[2] [Misc.] Chèvrefeuille
21.[3] [Misc.] Ese
22.[2] [Misc.] Candy
23.[3] [SU] Hamish
24.[2] [SU] Jen
25.[3] [Misc. / Love] Lolly
26.[2] [Misc./ Love] Sky
27.[3] [Misc./ Love] Dancing Echoes
28.[2] [Misc.] Usha
29.[3] [MOON / A] Dolores
30.[2] [A] [also write link #31] Georgia

31.[3] [A] Georgia
32.[2] [Misc.] Celestine
33.[3] [Misc.] Gillena
34.[2] [Misc. / SP] Milan
35.[3] [FLOWER / SP] Ruchi
36.[2] [SP] (Ageku “closing verse”) Jazzy

This was the “line up” for our first Carpe Diem Renga Party. As you see you all will have two links to write and a few of you three links to write.
!! Celestine I have tried to follow your question and I think I have succeeded ... if not than please let me know.

Ok ... my wonderful loving haiku family members let’s do some Renga-ing good luck and have a lot of fun!
Chèvrefeuille, your host


  1. This sounds interesting and fun and I'm very excited to see how it will come out ... there is only one problem ... I'm going to be away for re-enactment from the 19th of August (afternoon) until the 26th of August, and if I understand correctly I'm scheduled for the 20th of August and won't have access to the Internet! Could I exchange with someone perhaps Usha or Dancing Echos for this first round? Bastet

    1. Yes that's ok I will change the "line-up" or do you want to settle it yourself?

    2. I have changed the "line up" to give you the chance to be part of this Renga Party Georgia.

  2. Let me start with saying Thank you to Chèvrefeuille for all his love, energy and devotion to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai! I truly admire what you do here, and it has always been an inspiration. "The first CD Renga Party" is another wonderful idea, and you, Chèvrefeuille, have written a gem to set up the tone. I will try not to wonder too far:

  3. Please friends, remember the basic rule of renga: Do not repeat words used in the previous verse in your linking verse.

    for example if the verse you must link and twist is:

    our first kiss
    on the twelfth of never
    blue moon

    in your linking verse do not use any of the words in the haiku above. Instead think of a verse that links to this verse but use new words.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Amazing! thanks Chèvrefeuille for your inspiration, support, love & devotion to CDHK...I feel fortunate to be a pat of this creative group, as whatever I have learned so far in Haiku writing, I owe this to CDHK group. My heart-felt thanks for CDHK members & readers also.
    Its my first time, I have tried to understand in my best capabilities how this going to work. If I am struck with any question, I would ask here again. Thanks <3

  5. I wish to commend you dear Chev, for the wonderful work you are doing in CDHK. God bless you. Some of us would not have developed to the little shines we are now without you.

    I have a few suggestions to make to this Renga Party. If you could kindly put dates to our names on the list, it would be very helpful. I mean the dates on which we are to link up and write.

    Secondly, it seems Sky has not picked up on her link to continue with the chain from Jen. Is there a way we can be prompted or notified to pick up and continue with the link or renga?

    The whole fun can be jeopardized if a member is not able to pick up and continue.

    Thank you so much