Wednesday, June 15, 2016

In The Spotlight at Carpe Diem #3 Valentina Ranaldi-Adams

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

It is my pleasure to bring a new episode of "In The Spotlight" at Carpe Diem. In this feature I introduce Haijin without a personal weblog. This time I love to introduce Valentina Ranaldi-Adams to you all. I got to know Valentina through an email she send me with a wonderful haiku for one of our Souchou magazine editions. I was immediately "sold" as I read her haiku and it is really a honor to introduce her here at Carpe Diem. She also submitted haiku for our "Winter" kukai, so she also was included in our exclusive CDHK e-book "Melting to Nothingness" in which I gathered all the haiku submitted for the kukai "winter"  and "time".

Here is her submissions (for the "time"-kukai):

countdown begins
on New Year's Eve
lost in your kiss

© Valentina Ranaldi-Adams

Valentina is a very gifted haiku poetess who submits haiku for several magazines, she was published in Akisame, the weekly newsletter of the European Haiku Society and in Cattails of the United Haiku and Tanka Society and ... last but not least in our own e-zine.

I have asked her to introduce herself to us:

Valentina Ranaldi-Adams (photo rights Valentina)
Hello to everyone. 

My name is Valentina Ranaldi My name is Valentina Ranaldi- Adams and I live in the USA. I want to thank Chèvrefeuille for inviting me to be "In The Spotlight".

As an adult, I have always been attracted to activities that involve precision.  I studied mathematics asa university student.  I worked as a computer programmer for several years.  Now I write haiku. 
All of these activities involve precision in thoughts and in words.

I usually only write a haiku when I am inspired by a moment.  This is a moment that I want to captureand to remember.  Often I experience these moments without ever leaving my home.   Yet by sharing my haiku and by reading the haiku of others, I feel a connection to haijin around the globe.

Chèvrefeuille graciously offered to print some of my haiku.
Since I am a member of the United Haiku and Tanka Society (UHTS), I begin with one that was
published in the May 2016 edition of  "cattails, the collected works of UHTS". 

Winter Solstice (Art Work)
winter solstice
the glass begins
to fill again
Next is one that I entered into the 2016 Sharpening the Green Pencil Contest, organized by the Romanian Kukai Group.  All of the contest's entries were translated into Romanian and published in a booklet.  I include the translation by Ana Drobot.

train window                          
one swan glides                      
on a half-thawed lake              

geamul trenului
o lebădă alunecă
pe lacul pe jumătate dezghețat

The Four Seasons

I conclude with four new and unpublished haiku. There is one for each seaon of the year, beginning with summer.

the hum
and the heat increase -
cicadas in June                     

in a firestorm of colors                
harbingers of winter  
continuous rain
falls on deep snow     
thick mist rises

crab apple blossoms - 
each petal 
an inspiration   

© Valentina Ranaldi-Adams

Well ... I think I can rest my case .... Valentina Ranaldi-Adams is a great and gifted haiku poetess.

I am looking forward to your responses. As you all know for "In The Spotlight" at Carpe Diem there is no possibility to link your responses to the post, but if you love to leave haiku or tanka inspired on this "In The Spotlight" episode than feel free to do that in the comment field. 

Do you know a haiku poet or poetess to bring "In The Spotlight"  at Carpe Diem? Let me know.


Chèvrefeuille, your host.


  1. Chèvrefeuille, Thank you very much for publishing this article. Valentina Ranaldi-Adams

  2. Vrry interedting. Would very much like to see more haiku Valentina! Maybe some from prompts here and there...