Thursday, February 14, 2013

Carpe Diem #122, Jealousy (one of the seven sins)

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Today our last day about the seven sins. Today we share haiku on 'jealousy'.
Jealousy is an emotion and typically refers to the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety over an anticipated loss of something that the person values, particularly in reference to a human connection. Jealousy often consists of a combination of presenting emotions such as anger, resentment, inadequacy, helplessness and disgust. In the original broad meaning used in this article, jealousy is distinct from envy, though the two terms have popularly become synonymous in the English language, with both now taking on the narrower definition originally used for envy alone.

Caught with a letter of another one

Jealousy is a familiar experience in human relationships. It has been observed in infants five months and older. Some claim that jealousy is seen in every culture; however, others claim jealousy is a culture-specific phenomenon.

Jealousy is often reinforced as a series of particularly strong emotions and constructed as a universal human experience; it has been a theme of many artistic works. Psychologists have proposed several models of the processes underlying jealousy and have identified factors that result in jealousy. Sociologists have demonstrated that cultural beliefs and values play an important role in determining what triggers jealousy and what constitutes socially acceptable expressions of jealousy. Biologists have identified factors that may unconsciously influence the expression of jealousy. Artists have explored the theme of jealousy in photographs, paintings, movies, songs, plays, poems, and books. Theologians have offered religious views of jealousy based on the scriptures of their respective faiths.

Jealousy and flirtation - Oil Painting by Haynes King

There are many different types of jealousy that the human body can experience. Jealousy can be seen in everyday activities and settings. Jealousy is an intense emotion that is associated with the loss of services or outcomes associated with other individuals. This intense emotion can be seen or experienced in family situations, at work, in romantic relationships and even between friends.

looking in envy
at the youngsters flirting
an old man

an old man
jealous on youngsters dancing
his staff broken

Well ... not such strong haiku, but I loved writing them. Have fun, be creative and share your haiku with us here on Carpe Diem.

This prompt will stay on 'till February 16th 11.59 AM (CET) and I will post our new Carpe Diem Special of Chiyo- Ni ... another nice haiku written by her. (I am preparing this episode at work, so I don't have my list of haiku by Chiyo-Ni with me. You have to wait till the next day .... sorry)


  1. I really like your haiku today. It's easy sometimes to be jealous of those who can do what you cannot.

  2. Thank you for your wonderful background, I found jealousy difficult to write about, I love the last haiku. :-)

  3. Your haiku of the man with the broken staff touches me deeply...

  4. I wonder if young people ever envy the flirtations of old people, or do they just think they're silly?

  5. Thanks for hosting ~ not sure whether I am late all the time or what but not getting many comments from here even when I comment on everyone's haiku ~ is there a problem on my blog or what? Any ideas?

    Carol (A Creative Harbor)

  6. Another informative post and lovely cascading haiku ~

    Carol of (A Creative Harbor) on blogger

  7. I am loving cardinal sins series... you are super creative! and your haiku set is wonderful especially the last one

  8. This is based on an experience almost fifty years ago.
    It ended well...
    she's happy, he's in a place he can't hurt any one ☺
    Awesome prompt. Gave me shivers.