Friday, August 15, 2014

Carpe Diem #540, Wings

Dear haijin, visitors and travelers,

!! This post will be earlier than I normally do, because of being in the nightshift !!

The days are flying away, time isn't at our side, time flies ... and so we are already halfway our Khalil Gibran month. This month we are reading "Sand and Foam" by Gibran. A nice little book full of wonderful aphorisms (or as I call them 'verses') about his thoughts.
Today we are seeking for the sky ... our prompt is wings and I have selected a few wonderful 'verses' by Khalil for your inspiration. This month is in a way a spiritual revelation and all the prompts are pointing us a new path ... a path full of ancient knowledge, full of love and happiness ... a new path to become Enlightened.
Wings ... which wings are meant here? Is he talking about the wings of birds, the wings of angels or is he pointing towards the wings of time? We will see. Here are the 'verses' by Khalil which I have selected for your inspiration.

[...] "How heedless you are when you would have men fly with your wings and you cannot even give them a feather". [...]
[...] "Seven centuries ago seven white doves rose from a deep valley flying to the snow-white summit of the mountain. One of the seven men who watched the flight said, "I see a black spot on the wing of the seventh dove". "Today the people in that valley tell of seven black doves who flew to the summit of the snowy mountain". [...]

[...] "They say to me, "A bird in the hand is worth ten in the bush." But I say, "A bird and a feather in the bush is worth more than ten birds in the hand." Your seeking after that feather is life with winged feet; nay, it is life itself". [...]

Credits: Wings
Wings ... are wonderful. How many a times you have asked yourself "If I had wings, I would fly away". Sometimes in my dreams I have wings and as I fly above the Earth, free as a bird, I see the beauty of our planet. If I had wings I would fly to every place on Earth I wish to see. I would fly to Japan to see this wonderful country in which haiku has its roots ... If I had wings and I could fly back into time, like a time-traveler, I would be flying back to the time in which Basho lived. I would try to become a disciple of him to make my haiku even better and more beautiful ... if I could fly, if I had wings ...
Unfortunately I have no wings, I cannot fly to ancient Japan ... so I have to learn from the master from the scriptures, stories and haiku, how to write haiku and become a better haiku-poet ... 
We are all disciples of the classic haiku-poets. Some will see Basho as their master others maybe see Chiyo-Ni as their master ... As you all know I see Basho as my master, but ... which haiku-poet is your master?
Credits: Swan in the faint light of the sunset

spreading their wings
swan couple flies to the Western horizon
seeking for the truth

© Chèvrefeuille

Note: The Japanese say that paradise is in the West. 

on the wings of birds
the faint reflection of the sunset -
the sound of the wind

© Chèvrefeuille

What a wonderful prompt wings is and I am glad that Khalil Gibran has provided it for your and mine inspiration.

This episode is open for your submissions tonight at 7.00 PM (CET) and will remain open until August 18th at noon (CET). I will try to post our next episode, the third haiku by Jim Kacian, our featured haiku-poet this month, later on.


  1. Wonderful post and both haiku. Especially the second one - stunning.

    Sorry if I doubled the comment, I wasn't logged in. :)

  2. beautiful !! i loved the first one.. it has a mystery about it!!

  3. Loved the gorgeous moment you've captured in your second, while the meaning of the first is really powerful --

    Who is my haiku master? Haven't decided yet! Your love of Basho is contagious -- but Issa and Shiki have both caught my heart. :)

    A wonderful post, Kristjaan!