Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Carpe Diem Ghost Writer #21, Hamish Gunn's Imagination GW-post

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

As you all know I think we have every Wednesday a so called Ghost Writer post and today I have a nice GW-post for you all. It's a bit different we the other GW-posts, but it is also an example of an other way to be Ghost Writer for CDHK.

Managua Hamish Gunn of Cabin Fever has emailed me a few wonderful photos for inspiration. So this GW-post is similar with our Imagination features in which I share a photo, picture, painting or something else for your inspiration.

Here is Managua Hamish Gunn's photo which I have chosen:

© Managua Hamish Gunn
As I saw this photo the very first time (a few days ago) the first thing which came in mind was the Ancient Celtic Oracle called "Ogham". This photo shows you Luis (in Gaelic) or Rowan. This tree is a very sacred tree in the Ogham tradition of the Druids and it stands for protection against the evil eye. In the Celtic culture the people used branches of Rowan (including leaves and fruits) above their door to shield their homes against evil. Rowan is also the Ancient Celtic name for December.

So this GW-post asks you to be inspired by this photo. Have fun!

Here is my attempt:

natural shield
to keep the Devil outside -
Rowan's branch

© Chèvrefeuille

Now it is up to you to write haiku inspired on the photo. This episode is NOW OPEN for your submissions and will stay open until August 15th at noon. I will try to post our next episode, paradise, later on today.


  1. Rowan berries has a large significance for me.. but I had never hear of that tradition

  2. Loved the photograph and this aspect of a tradition that I'm ignorant of. Loved the post!

  3. Well, for some reason my comment was lost - and was long!
    Thank you so much your your kindness Kristjaan. The concept of plants fighting evil - the devil, is interesting. Maybe that fight started before humans arrived even...