Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu #82 Milan Rajkumar's "frog on lotus leaf "

Dear Hijin, visitors and travelers,

In this Tokubetsudesu episode I will honor milan rajkumar as the runner-up of our "new life" kukai. His haiku finished as second and this is what that haiku was:

lifeless for a season
pupa inside the ocean
spring gives life and wings

© milan rajkumar

milan rajkumar lives in imphal, manipur india and is a secondary school teacher who teaches fixed and flexible exchange rates while writing haiku. he is so humble that he doesn’t want to use “I” and capital letters

milan rajkumar
milan is in my opinion a wonderful poet, very gifted and full of spirituality. So I have chosen a haiku written by him in which I find that spirituality in a very strong way.

across the lake
a skipping pebble

© milan rajkumar
Milan is one of the CDHK family members who is very constant in his visits to CDHK and he Always tries to participate. In May we had a wonderful Tan Renga Challenge month and I love to share a Tan Renga completed by Milan. I think he did this is in a very beautiful way.
the willow leaves fallen,
the spring gone dry,
rocks here and there
                                 © Buson
altogether , a reminder
teardrops upon the cheek of time
             © milan rajkumar
Milan also writes sometimes tanka and recently he published a beautiful tanka in response on one of the "Latifa Prayer" episodes.

frog on lotus leaf
sitting and admiring
lotus bloom

does it care the snake
which looms behind .

© milan rajkumar

All wonderful poems by milan rajkumar. Visit it him at: milan rajkumar

This episode of our special feature Tokubetsudesu is NOW OPEN for your submissions and will remain open until June 12th at noon (CET).

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  1. little deer
    lying at his mother's side
    gazes at the moon
    nightly prayers
    for the innocents