Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Carpe Diem #74, Fireplace (ro)

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

A day is to short I think. I have the feeling that I just have posted our 'spearflower'- prompt, but it's already time for our next prompt. A prompt of which I think it can be very inspiring. It's really a prompt for this time of year in which we can see snow, frost and coldness, but also this is the time of the long evenings with your loved ones.
Our prompt for today is fireplace (ro) and I love it very much. I have sought the WWW for haiku on fireplace by our classical masters, but I couldn't find one. So I sought on 'hearth' and found a nice haiku written by Issa.

hettsui no kado ni okasuru wakana kana

laid out
at the hearth's door
New Year's herbs

(c) Issa

As I am busy today I just share a few archived haiku by myself on fireplace.

Christmas stockings
hanging above the fireplace
awaiting presents

in loving memory -
above the fireplace
my brother's urn

making love
in front of the fireplace -
finally home

drinking red wine
lying in front of the fireplace
cherish my love

A last one, I can't help it, a new one (smiles):

winter feeling -
lying on the bearskin
before the hearth

OK ... ok .... I was on a role ....

This prompt will stay on 'till December 21th 11.59 AM (CET) and I will post our new episode 'early plum blossoms (soobai)' later on today around 10.00 PM (CET).

Have fun, be creative and inspired ... and share your haiku with us on Carpe Diem. Thank you all for your participation and daily effort to share your haiku on Carpe Diem.


  1. Those haiku you wrote today covered all emotions, from very touching and personal to fine earthy humour and romance. As always, a pleasure to read, learn and participate.

  2. What does the "(ro)" following Fireplace mean?


    1. This month of Carpe Diem are the prompts all classical japanese kigo. Kigo or seasonwords are words who refer to the season in which the haiku are written. The 'ro' is the japanese name of the word 'fireplace' I give every day with the english word the japanese translation in tomanji (arabic script as we use).

  3. Wonderful kigo, but I think I used a lot of my inspiration on the charcoal prompt. Your haiku on your brothers urn, is very strong and inspiring.

  4. I think the thing I enjoy the most about these prompts is the wide differences of interpretation of each writer yet joined together they would make an amazing poem. Thanks again !

  5. Very busy days at the end of the year, I understand.
    Had you not been so busy, how many haiku would you have written...?
    All of them very touching, Kristjaan.
    My favorite lines:
    my brother's urn
    lying on the bearskin

  6. Yeah, I have to agree with Brudberg, the brother's urn has a strong haiku spirit.

  7. Wow, you have such a wonderful collection of Fireplace haikus Kristjaan' and you managed to come up with a new one...great work :)
    It's great to see how the Carpe Diem community is growing. Well done!

  8. ooh i love all of your fireplace haiku! ^^ i'm a little late -- was busy. but will come up with something^^ good day!

  9. Even though I don't have a fireplace, I love them, so I may be able to come up with something for this prompt. I hope so!

  10. You've combined in your Haiku -- some poignancy, some fun and some romance ... well rounded :). I could use a fireplace at the moment -- as it is quite nippy. Maybe the cooler weather will stay through at least Christmas!!

  11. Sorry, I'm late, but I had at least a fireplace in the garden and the house of my brother to share.

  12. This was one of my favorites so far ;)

  13. All these, they feel so much like Christmas, even though I'm not really quite in the Christmas spirit this year.. with my mom's health declining and the thoughts of her dying.. I posted a few haikus on this meme and I want to let everyone know that later on this evening, I will be back to hopefully get caught up on all the other postings. Mom has two doctor's appointments today so I wont' be around much today.. but I will be back to read! These are all very lovely Haikus by the way..

  14. Can you tell me why I can't link?

    1. I have linked your post Tigerbrite and have commented on it with the way how to link. I hear from several contributors that the linky widget sometimes doesn't do what it has to do.