Thursday, September 8, 2016

Carpe Diem #1047 riddles (delayed post) (had to be "puddles")

Dear haijin, visitors and travelers,

First this as I was starting to create this episode and looked back in my first concept of the promptlist I saw that I mistyped in the definitive prompt-list, because the prompt wasn't "riddles", but had to be "puddles" ... so my excuses for that. In this episode I will however use both prompts. 

Welcome at this delayed post. Yesterday I hadn't time to create this post, so therefore I post it now. This (delayed) post is prompted "riddles". In this case it's a real prompt, but maybe you can remember that we had an episode of our CDHK Haiku Writing Techniques about "riddle".

That episode I started with a well known "riddle" haiku by Moritake:

A fallen blossom
returning to the bough, I thought --
But no, a butterfly. 

© Arakida Moritake (1473-1549) (Tr. Steven D. Carter)

It's very obvious where the "riddle" is in this one. I just had to re-produce it here and make it part of this tribute-episode for Jane, because without Jane's knowledge I couldn't have made the Haiku Writing Techniques series for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. So ... thank you Jane, where ever you are.

Here is an example of this "riddle" in a haiku by Jane:

where do they go?
these flowers on a path
by summer's passing

© Jane Reichhold

Also a nice haiku to inspire you. Sorry ... again for this mistake.

haiga by Chèvrefeuille

As I wrote above our prompt for this delayed post was "puddles" and it was taken from the spring section of Jane's saijiki. Puddles we see them often in spring, here in The Netherlands, very often, because of our very wet climate. Puddles however we can see in every season of the year, but today it's a modern kigo for spring.

Here are three nice haiku created by Jane for this modern kigo to inspire you:

dried up
puddles covered with pollen
moiré shapes of shores

in puddles
the pattern of raindrops
dyes the hills green

spring sky
snow-melt puddles filling
to the brim

© Jane Reichhold

I couldn't come up with a new haiku so I dived into my archives and found the following haiku to go with this prompt:

broken sunflower
torn apart through a rain storm -
puddles on the path

© Chèvrefeuille

Again my apologies for the dealy and the mistyping. This episode is NOW OPEN for your submissions and will remain open until September 13th at noon (CET). I will post our new episode, stones, immediately hereafter. Have fun!

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