Saturday, April 16, 2016

Carpe Diem Extra April 16th 2016 - restarting the second (2nd) Renga Party

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

As you all (maybe) know we had a publishing issue earlier this year and I had to change some things. A result of that issue was also that I had to look at the Renga Party. I have done that and those who played part in the above mentioned issue weren't participating in the Renga Party. So we can restart today.

!!!! You can find the link to the Renga Party highlighted at the left side of our Kai !!!!!

This Renga is almost ready we will go on from stanza 39 and that means that Georgia (a.k.a. Bastet) has to write this stanza. To make it easier I will give the "line-up" here:

39. [3] N Georgia

40. [2] A Kim Russell

41. [3]  N Nimi Arora

42. [2] W Jazzytower

43. [3] SP Candy

44. [2] SP Dove Dungeon, should relate to #1 in some way and close the work -- ageku

The last stanza, before the break, was written by me:

in front of the fireplace
red shadows on the white walls

I will give the explanation of the "characters" between [ ] here another time:

[SP=spring; SU=summer; A=autumn; W=winter; N=non-seasonal or free as in without theme]

I hope we can complete this Renga together in the upcoming week. Have fun!


Chèvrefeuille, your host


  1. It starts right now. I hope Georgia has seen the post.

  2. Hi Kristjaan, Are you receiving my submission? I sent it 3 times and it's still not showing up in he renga party.

    1. I haven't got your stanza for the Renga party. Please send it by email than I will place it in the line of the Renga.