Monday, October 10, 2016

Carpe Diem Full Circle #1-2016

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Welcome at this "encore" for this month. I heard that several of you would like to see our special feature "Full Circle" back again here at our Kai. Well ... for this celebration month I have decided to create three (3) "Full Circle" episodes starting with the first today.

Let me first tell you what the challenge "Full Circle" means:

I call it ''Full Circle'' because the goal is to write haiku with the twelve (12) words I will give. It's a kind of word-whirl and you have to use the words given in the clock-wise direction. So every word has to come in the line of it's place on the clock e.g. rainbow you have to use for line one (1) and autumn for line two (2) and so on.

I will give you twelve (12) words (for every ''hour'') one word. The goal is to write haiku using the words as given in the clockwise way.

Here are the twelve words you have to use as described above:
1. rainbow
2. autumn
3. seagull
4. crane
5. cherry blossom
6. love
7. sunflower
8. blue sky
9. clouds
10. butterfly
11. nectar
12. beer

Well ... I think this is a nice series of words you have to use to create a "full circle" of haiku. That means four (4) new haiku. Let me give you an example of a haiku with the first three words of this "full circle":
I have to use the words: rainbow (1st line), autumn (2nd line) and seagull (3rd line)
a faint rainbow
stretches like autumn leaves
a seagull's cry
© Chèvrefeuille
A nice challenge I think, but ... it's just for fun, to play with words and create haiku.
This "full circle" challenge is NOW OPEN for your submissions and will remain open until October 14th 10.00 PM (CET). Have fun!


  1. I enjoyed writing to the given words. I hope it becomes a regular feature.
    Nice choice of words Kristjaan.Thank you.

  2. Oh - wow - I loved this one! I've got them all in my 4 haikus :)
    So Inspiring!
    You are great Kristjaan!