Sunday, November 18, 2018

Carpe Diem #1547 Renga With ... the big five haiku poets

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

I hope you all will have a wonderful weekend in which you could relax, meditate and contemplate. I had a nice weekend myself and the weather was great. I ran into a gorgeous tree in all its autumn beauty ... and I love toshare that image here with you:

Amber Tree (© Chèvrefeuille)
Look at that beauty ... it's a feast for my eyes and I had never seen it. All those different colors on the same tree wow!

Okay back to today's episode. Today I love to challenge you (again) to create a renga together with the "big five", Basho, Chiyo-Ni, Issa, Buson and Shiki. Here are the haiku to use in a line-up of your own choice. You have to add your two lined stanza (approx. 7-7 syllables) to make the renga a story about autumn.

it is seen
in the papier-maché cat
the morning of autumn

© Basho

along this road
goes no one
this autumn eve

© Basho

when I go out of the gate
I also am a traveller
in the autumn evening

© Buson

autumn's bright moon
however far I walked, still afar off
in an unknown sky

© Chiyo-Ni

two houses!
two houses making rice-cakes:
autumn rain

© Issa

Small Wooden Drum (source unknown)

with the autumn tempest
the small drum
falls from its shelf

© Shiki

A nice series of haiku I would say. Enjoy this challenge and the opportunity to create a renga with the five renown haiku poets.

This episode is NOW OPEN for your submissions and will remain open until November 25th at noon (CET). Have fun!

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