Friday, March 8, 2019

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #75 Poetry Archive (2) Honeysuckle

!! Open for your submissions next Sunday March 10th at 7:00 PM (CET) !!

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Welcome at a new weekend meditation. After a busy day it's time to relax and that's were our weekends are for. This weekend I love to challenge you again to dive into your archive. This new feature is titled "Poetry Archive" and I think you all know what this feature is about? Yes ... that's correct ... I invite you to dive into your poetry archive and share haiku, tanka or other Japanese poetry form that mean a lot to you. Please share with us why you did made the choice and try to create a new haiku, tanka or other Japanese poetry form inspired on the poem you have chosen.

For this weekend I also dived into my archive(s) and I found a wonderful haiku themed "honeysuckle", as you can read in the title of this episode. Of course I have chosen this theme because I love to share a "honeysuckle-haiku".
As you know I use the haigo (pseudonym) Chèvrefeuille which is French for Honeysuckle. It's a wonderful plant, bush, that climbs towards fenches and houses and the flowers have the most sweet perfume. Of course Honeysuckle has also a deeper meaning. I have chosen a haiku in which you can find that deeper meaning.

my dreams wander
along the path of my life ...
Honeysuckle blooms

© Chèvrefeuille (2015)

And as you maybe remember the other goal is to create an all new haiku inspired on the haiku of your "archive-choice". So here is my new haiku inspired on this haiku.

in the twilight
dreams whirl through my mind
Honeysuckle perfume

© Chèvrefeuille (2019)

Well ... I hope you will find your own wonderful haiku in your archive. Ofcourse there is no need to choose a Honeysuckle haiku ... but if you have a nice Honeysuckle haiku feel free to use it.

This episode is open for your submissions next Sunday March 10th at 7:00 PM (CET) and will remain open until Sunday March 17th at noon (CET). I will try to publish our new regular episode later on. For now ... have a wonderful weekend full of inspiration.

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