Carpe Diem Center of the Universe

"The table in the lounge is the center of the universe, around which we gather every day for breakfast, lunch and supper, and where we talk about life and our hopes for the future". (Source: Aleph by Paulo Coelho)

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

You all (maybe) know that I am a big fan, almost beyond addiction, of Paulo Coelho, the renown Brazilian author, who became renown through his first novel "The Alchemist", a wonderful novel for sure worth to read.

Here at CDHK we have read several of his novels, but the novel that spook to me in an intense way was "Aleph", in my opinion his best novel. We have read "Aleph" together while we were on our journey straight through the former USSR on the Trans Siberian Railroad.
Recently I started reading "Aleph" again in preparation of December 2017 in which we will, as I hope, find our inspiration through quotes by Paulo Coelho extracted from his novels.

Today I ran into a part of "Aleph" that I couldn't remember ... it was about "the center of the universe", as you have read in the above quote taken from "Aleph". It triggered me to create an all new feature in which we can talk with each other about anything (of course all related to the beauty of Japanese poetry).

old pond
frog jumps
water sound

© Basho

For this purpose I have created this page. I will start with the first "theme" to think and talk about. You can respond through the comment field and please feel free to respond also on each other's comments in this new feature.

Here is the first theme:

What means haiku to you? What has haiku brought you? And what can haiku give you for the future?

I am looking forward to your responses ... it's a conversation and you can take part in it.


Chèvrefeuille, your host.


  1. haiku is an epiphany in words. It is an experience distilled into complementing and mages, whose juxtaposition opens me to this present moment. Haiku has brought me more than joy: it has brought me serenity. It has inspired me to practice mindfulness, so that I pay attention and don’t miss the moment. It will continue to be an expression for how I encounter life, moment by moment.

    1. Well said. This captures the essence of haiku.