Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Carpe Diem Preview 8, look back (2)

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Our November month of Carpe Diem is almost over. I have granted our award already as you could have read in the post on full beaver moon. And it's time to look back at the second half of this month.

In my last Carpe Diem Preview fire was the last prompt on which I looked back. The first prompt for this 8th Preview to look back at is 'jade'.

I wrote for this prompt the following haiku:

everlasting love
my jade butterfly talisman -
the smile of my wife

(c) Chèvrefeuille

Bjorn Brudberg (our award winner this month) shared a set of haiku on jade with a glacier as theme:

mountain lake
precious jade and emerald
glacier cold

(c) Bjorn Brudberg

And what do you think of this one, written by Tarun Mazumdar:

his hanging shoulders
the jaded eyes say it all
pocket is empty

(c) Tarun Mazumdar

Or this one:

come hither my love
I shall wear my finest jade
Oh to dance, my love

Oh to dance my love
in thou arms, butterflies
sing, heavenly tune

(c) Crystal

On November 17th we had our second Carpe Diem Special with a haiku written by Issa:

the peony falls
spilling out yesterday's

(c) Issa 

It was an inspirational haiku for you all and I have read wonderful haiku inspired on the one by Issa. I will reproduce a few here:

the daisy dies
dropping dawn's

(c) Dulcina

she called them 'pineys',
delighting in their fragrance -
my Grandma Ann

(c) Mark M. Redfearn

Or tis one written by Becca Givens:

ruffled velvet bowls
perennial favorite
mischievous elves hide

(c) Becca Givens

white peony bows
weighted with virginal dreams
soft petals weeping

(c) 4Joy-Joanne

Or this one by Siggi of Maine:

peonies galore
rainbow colors beautiful
stop traffic gorgeous

(c) Siggi of Maine

Mark M. Redfearn granted us with another one on peony:

drunk with evening rain
slumps to rest

(c) Mark M. Redfearn 

There were several prompts which were visited a lot. So we had 'mist' on this prompt there came 14 entries and I will share them (or a few) them here with you.
In my post on 'mist' I told you about the story of the 'witte wieven', the 'white bitches' and wrote the next haiku on those really spooky creatures:

stories told
white bitches dancing on the heath
just tendrils of mist

(c) Chèvrefeuille

Kaykuala wrote:

crowds streamed endlessly
in but emptiness at dusk
misty in the dark

(c) Kaykuala

ray of sun
dismisses a gray mist
his smile 

(c) WabiSabi

harbor glazed fog
mist hovering over, embraced
nature's love warming

(c) Carol and ArtMuse Dog

Rheumatologe Lothar was also inspired by this prompt and wrote:

mists rise at dawn
colours fade
first snow is near

rising smoke
into the morning mist
white heron circling

(c) Rheumatologe Lothar

Credits: White Heron

Tarun Mazumdar had a different take on mist, he used it as 'smoke' in this nice haiku by him:

the night moon hangs
armed men march to crush mankind
houses on fire

(c) Tarun Mazumdar

Our month has flown away and as I look back than I was the most proud on the prompt rose. It was a lovely episode and I enjoyed it very much to share something more on the meaning of roses and I came up with the following haiku:

on this fresh grave
one single white rose
she was just a child

(c) Chèvrefeuille 

Or this one:

a rainbow
everywhere I look roses
in thousand colors

(c) Chèvrefeuille

Nimue shared this one with Carpe Diem:

a bed of roses
they together walked upon
healing scars from past

healing scars of past
they sow seeds of love and care -
tree of happy life

(c) Nimue

my love a red rose
freshest sprung in early June
melody inside

(c) Bjorn Brudberg

Green Speck wrote the next entry for Carpe Diem's rose, a wonderfully composed cascading haiku:

flying roses sing
blessed melody of red love
nectar on her lips

nectar on her lips
he tastes sweetness of the rose
divine time stands still

divine time stands still
witnessing the game of hearts
flying roses sing

(c) Green Speck

red roses growing
in tar pits 

(c) Mark M. Redfearn

On November 23th we had another Carpe Diem Special with a haiku by Issa:

spring peace
a mountain monk peeks
through the hedge

(c) Issa

watching a geisha
monk from high up in the mountains
he's also a man 

(c) Chèvrefeuille

Dulcina of Dulcina's Garden wrote the next haiku inspired on the one by Issa:

convent calm -
an old virgin peeps
through a keyhole

through her keyhole
the novice's eye meets ...
whose eye ...?

(c) Dulcina

Magical Mystical Teacher wrote:

monk in the desert
lusting for distant mountains -
long thorns bar his way 

(c) Magical Mystical Teacher

tea leaves boil -
high above the mountain
ascetic smiles

new day beckons
kept in wraps by prayers
silent blessing

(c) Nimue 

my love flies
soul free. loves again
bluebirds sing

(c) Siggi of Maine 

Bjorn Brudberg provided us with a few prompts this month. The one I will look back at is rain.

every raindrop
a little rainbow diamond
in the early sunlight

(c) Chèvrefeuille

life giving water
fern and moss saturated
sunshine after rain

sunshine after rain
I cup my hand and drink
life giving water

(c) Bjorn Brudberg 

puffy clouds rising
sending rain showers over earth
nature's cleaning day

(c) Carol and ArtMuse Dog

Also in this month we could greet a few new contributors to our Carpe Diem's daily haiku meme. As the following haiku was written by 'gossip':

tiny knives fall free
from the mouths of wide-rimmed clouds
piercing every heart

(c) Gossip 

Or JRB who posted a haiku first time on love:

two sides of the coin
love's currency is spent
head over tails

it's not about you
I've learned to love another
the mirror smiles back

pulses soft and tender
sweet ripe cherry tomato
love's salad days

(c) JRB

Our New Carpe Diem Logo for December

And that encloses this Carpe Diem Preview 'look back'. In our first 'looking back' Preview next month I will also look at the last few days of November.

In our next Carpe Diem month we are going classic ... all our prompts are classical Japanese kigo or seasonswords. It will be a tough month I think, but also a wonderful month. So I hope to see you all again in December.

Warm greetings,



  1. I'm happy that I've made it today. A workshop still lying ahead of me.

  2. a wonderful review of some award-winning poetry - at least I think put lots of time and effort into your blogging and hosting, and I am very appreciative...