Thursday, November 29, 2012

Carpe Diem #57, first snow

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

I am a little bit sad, because today is our last day of our Carpe Diem November. It was really a joy to make these every day posts for you. I am a lucky man ... you're all great and I will thank you all for your every day posts and participation. It makes me humble ...
I am glad to be your host for Carpe Diem.

Today our prompt is first snow and it's of course the 'ouverture' to our next month of Carpe Diem ... December the month of winter.

covered with snow
on the first day of winter
Buddha's statue

first snow has fallen
prints of bare feet to the fence -
sweeping the path

Well ... this was my last haiku for Carpe Diem November. I will prepare our first prompts for December. December will be a wonderful Carpe Diem month and a tough month I think. The prompts for December are all classical kigo or seasonwords. To me those classical seasonwords are all a bit familiar, but it will also be tough for me.

For Carpe Diem December I have created a new logo:

Our New Carpe Diem Logo for December (Dutch skies)

This prompt will stay on 'till December 1st 11.59 AM (CET) and I will post our first Carpe Diem prompt for December 'Indian Summer (koharu)' later on today around 10.00 PM (CET).

Have fun, be inspired, be creative and share your haiku with Carpe Diem.


  1. I have never seen snow :(
    What to write !!!!

    1. Oh, Nimue ... must put in on your "bucket list" ... it can be very magical!!! :)

    2. You could write about dreaming of snow! :)

    3. I can't imagine that you haven't seen snow ... snow it's a wonder and it's like a blanket. Really awesome Nimue.

  2. Wonderful haiku Kristjaan, and many thanks for November.

  3. Thanks for closing November with "first snow". At my brother's home in the Eifel there already is snow, here like in the Netherlands we're still waiting for the first snow. Nevertheless I liked the topic.

  4. Thank you for a great month, Kris ... you offer a varied set of challenging prompts for us to play with! Appreciate your effort in this daily meme!!

  5. First light snow on ground this morning. Thank you for the lovely new logo for December...and for all the time you have invested in this blog and our enjoyment of it.

  6. Dear friends, thank you for your kind words here. I love doing this haiku meme and to me it's just a joy and a happiness to see how others enjoy it. Haiku is my passion and I love to share them and I hope that, through my haiku, others become inspired to write haiku too.

  7. I enjoyed your haiku...wonderful thoughts to bring the images of snow to mind.