Monday, February 4, 2013

Carpe Diem #113, Joyful

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Another day in haiku paradise. Yesterday we had our first Chiyo-Ni Special and I have read wonderful haiku nspired on the one I gave by Chiyo-Ni. It was a real joy to read and comment them. Well ... a nice 'bridge' to our prompt for today (smiles).
Today we share haiku on 'Joyful' and I hope that you all enjoy this prompt. I am looking forward to your 'joyful-haiku'.

A haiku by Issa:

matsu nae ya yagate tanin no yusuzumi

pine sapling -

before long, strangers enjoy
evening's cool

Another one also by Issa:

yo suzumi no yaku soku arishi kado no tsuki

keeping her appointment

to enjoy evening's cool air -
moon at the gate

Credits: Moon at the Gate

A last one by Issa:

urestuge ya kaki no ko take mo waka-zakari


the fence's little bamboo
at the peak of youth

Credits: Bamboo fence

Isn't it a joy to read those haiku? I wonder if I can write my own haiku on 'Joyful'?

joyful laughter
children playing on the beach -
dragonkite flying

in the frontyard
children play hide and seek -
kookaburra laughs

Awesome! What a joy to write haiku on joyful (smiles).

Have fun, be creative and inspired. Share your 'joyful-haiku' with Carpe Diem.

This prompt will stay on 'till February 6th 11.59 AM (CET) and I will post our new episode, Mariachi, later on today around 10.00 PM (CET). That will be our first prompt for a little musical trip around the world.


  1. I have to say that I love your last haiku for its inclusion of our Australian icon! The kookaburra's laugh is quite infectious!

  2. Children....they bring us so much joy in their joy!

  3. Ah how well you depict joyful. Personally I wrote dark today.

  4. Kristjaan -

    Several of your most recent comments were trapped in my spam filter
    I have no idea why.
    I just released thank.

    Thank you for your wonderful and encouraging comments.


    1. Thanks for releasing my comments from the 'garbage-can'. I have heard that sometimes that happens and I don't know how that can happen.

  5. Enjoyed your joyful haikus today!

  6. Wonderful haiku for joyful ~ love the 'kookaburra laughs' ~ thanks for hosting ~

    Carol of (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ on blogger ^_^

    PS ~ Living in the USA ~ frequently am delayed in 'keeping up' with the daily haiku ~ but love them!

  7. This is a set I wrote some time ago on the prompt Joy.

  8. I love the spirit of joyfulness that lingers here... I'm having fun. :-)

  9. The blog is working again...thank goodness...patience isn't one of my virtues when it comes to electronics !