Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Carpe Diem #1173 leaving

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

As I already shared on our facebook page, next month we will dive into the classical (and maybe modern) kigo (seasonwords) for spring. As you know one of the classical "rules" for haiku is the use of a kigo, or in other words a word that refers to the season in which the haiku "plays". I am aware that we did this earlier here, but in April I love to challenge you in an other way ... you have to follow the classical rules of haiku (or tanka), so that makes it a challenging month I think.

Okay back to today's post. This month we are exploring the beauty of the Persian poetry by Rumi, Saadi and Hafiz and I think this month is already a big success, because I have read wonderful poems and ... I am almost on pace with your submissions.

Today's post is titled "leaving" and it's about a poem by Hafiz (or Hafez). As I told you in an earlier post, the Persian (Iranian) people are using his poems to get answers on their "burning" questions. I don't know if that's also with this poem, but you never know.

"Leaving" or "going away", "departure", "say goodbye" or simply "goodbye". We use it often I think in our daily lives, but what is the meaning of "leaving" at its essence? Leaving, in this word we can also find "leaf" or "leaves", so "leaving" can also mean "the movement of the leaves in the wind" or "the movement of the cherry blossoms in the wind". Leaving ... saying goodbye to someone or to the time of year. We are almost "leaving" winter and we will encounter spring, the season in which the light will grow and life is returning to nature. As I look at my backyard than I can already see a few young leaves and as I told you earlier cherry blossoms. The leaves and blossoms "wave" in the wind they are "leaving" or ... no they are welcoming spring.

Young Leaves (photo found on Shutterstock)
The poem for today is by Hafiz and it is extracted from "The Gift" and it is titled "No More leaving" and it is about the following: "You can not escape from your destiny. You cannot escape from God, Allah, Higher Self or what ever name you give that spiritual power you feel in your life. That power will always find you. If you are sad, it will find you, if you are happy it will find you, there is no escape. Maybe that's one of the questions asked by the Persian (Iranian) people ... I don't know, but if that's one of the questions they have than in this poem by Hafiz they will find their answer.

No More Leaving

Some point
Your relationship
With God
Become like this:

Next time you meet Him in the forest
Or on a crowded city street

There won't be anymore


That is,

God will climb into
Your pocket.

You will simply just take



© Hafiz (taken from: 'The Gift' - tr. by Daniel Ladinsky)

This is what "leaving" can mean also. Look at this photo. This man all alone on a station or an airport somewhere around the globe. He has no one, look how sad he is, head bend resting on his arms. His suitcase in front of him ... What has happened? Maybe he and his girlfriend or boyfriend broke up and now he is leaving. Maybe his boss kicked him out ... Leaving in this case is a sad emotion, but leaving as I told you above or that you have read in the poem can also bring happiness and joy ... so this guy ... well his spiritual guide will find him and lead him to his new path, towards a new life, towards happiness and love again.

I remember a post I wrote last January while we were on a pilgrimage to Santiago. That post was about "leaving all behind" (HERE) and I love to share a quote from that episode to conclude this episode:

reborn again
leaving all behind
first spring day

© Chèvrefeuille

Isn't that what we do every day again? Every day is a new day, what is in the past doesn't exist anymore in the present, don't look forward ... be there right in the moment. Isn't that what we try to accomplish with our haiku or tanka? Isn't that what we tell in our haiku and tanka? Be part of the present, be in the moment, be one with the moment ... be the moment.

Don't leave that moment, be part of it. My dad always said: "God has never said your journey will be calm and easy, but He promises you that you will bring it to the end save".

With those wise words of my dad I conclude this episode. Don't leave the moment ... be the moment.

This episode is open for your submissions tonight at 7.00 PM (CET) and will remain open until March 19th at noon (CET). I will try to publish our new episode, silence, later on. For now ... have fun, be inspired and share your haiku, tanka or other Japanese poetry form with us all.


  1. ...or maybe God will put me in his pocket and take me along. Some day there will be no more "leaving", a happy thought!

  2. Or maybe God will put me in his pocket and take me with him!

  3. Love the Haifiz poem.

    Message to lynn.
    I love your work but cannot comment because of your commenting format.