Monday, December 30, 2019

Carpe Diem Extra December 30th 2019 an update on my mom

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

First my apologies for not publishing our traditional feature "Seven Days Before Christmas", because I had a lot to do while caring for my mom. Today I wish to bring you an update on my mom.

My mom has been institutionalized (?) on Christmas Eve she had to move to a nursery home for the elderly people. Her dementia looks very progressive at the moment and it wasn't possible anymore to take care for her in her own home. So we had to decide what to do. The nursing home for the elderly people was our only option ... so she lives now in a nursing home. One positive side to this is, that she now lives in the nursing home were I am working myself. So I can visit her very often even when I am at work.

Nursing Home were my mother lives now
It's sad that we had to decide this, but ... it also gives us rest and peace ... I try to cope with it as does my mom. We will find peace within for this new way of being a family.

To conclude this CD Extra:

I wish you all a wonderful inspirational 2020 ... I hope to start publishing again on Monday January 6th 2020. And ofcourse I hope to see you all again here at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.

Nagoaka Fireworks Festival 2019


Chèvrefeuille, your host


  1. Thanks for the update.  While it is sad that your mom can no longer live in her own home, it is very good news that her nursing home is the same one where you work.

    My late wife spent her last years in a nursing home, after her dementia and other medical issues progressed beyond my ability to care for her.  It was a big adjustment but worked as well as her condition would permit.

  2. Greetings,

    I am sorry to hear that your mother is suffering from dementia. Peace to you and your family in 2020.


  3. I've been thinking of you, Kristjaan, and I know how hard it is. I had no part in the decision to put my mother in a nursing home, so I am pleased that you have been able to see her safely moved in to a place you know well and where can see your mother every day. I look forward to writing haiku for Carpe Diem very soon. Best wishes, Kim.

  4. Now your mom will be doubly cared for. So wonderful that you will be able to check in on her.

    Wish you peace,

  5. It's good to see your mother will receive all the care she needs in the nursing home and we wish you and your family a peaceful and loving new way of being together. May 2020 bring you many blessings and thank you again for all the wonderful work that you do.

  6. I am glad you'll be able to see your mom frequently. When my dad had the first major stroke, I was working in the long-term care center where he went for rehab. He was still "himself" at that point. There were some short-term memory issues but it wasn't that pronounced. Later on after he'd had more strokes, it was like he'd really lost himself.
    Wishing you peace in the coming year. Please don't feel like you need to apologize for not getting the prompts out this year. Things happen and we have to be understanding of one another.

  7. Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

    Thank you all for your kind words and understanding. I am so glad to be your host here at CDHK and I am proud that we really are a loving family.
    It has been a tough time, but now my mom has found her new home in the facility were I am working. She enjoys being there, but has some trouble to cope with her ne situation.
    Thank you all for your love and understanding.

    I hope this new year 2020 will bring us all the best and most beautiful things ... and a lot of love and inspiration.


    Chèvrefeuille, your host