Friday, October 4, 2013

Carpe Diem's "Little Ones" #5, Sedoka

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Another episode of our "Little Ones" feature in which I will look at other short poetry forms. I had promised you a "Little Ones" about Choka, a Japanese Long Poem, but I have decided to tell you more about Choka in another episode, maybe in aall new feature on Carpe Diem.
This episode of "Little Ones" is about Sedoka, no not Sudoku (smiles), it's a six line poem which has two stanzas, called katauta, the lines follow a syllable-structure 5-7-7  5-7-7. I am not familiar with this form, but I think it can be fun.

An example:

dark clouds cloak the night;
chilly winds creak gnarled branches,
grasping as bony fingers.

disturbed raven squawks
at frightened children - screaming,
then laughing - they throw him treats

(c) James Dean Chase

My attempt to write a Sedoka:

behind a veil of clouds
she hides her bright face
she ... the queen of night's sky

in the mirror she looks
at her once beautiful face
mother of two boys and girls

Another Sedoka attempt ... I like this form:

in the backyard -
a rainbow of chrysanthemums
finally autumn has arrived

monks chanting mantras
while sweeping the garden
being one with the universe

I don't really know if these are Sedoka, but at least they are wonderful poems in which I have laid my heart and soul.
Be welcome to share your Sedoka, or another short poem (excluding haiku), with us all at our Haiku Kai. It's fun to look beyond haiku ...

This episode of "Little Ones" will be open for your submissions 'til October 18th 11.59 AM (CET) and I will try to post a new "Little Ones" episode on that same day.


  1. I did on sedoka awhile ago and thought it was meant to be a love poem and wrote mine that way. It was one of the first I posted on the Wordpress blog. I was stunned to see how many have visited that poem. Don't know why. I do love your second one, especially the second stanza. It's so beautiful!

  2. I loved your first sedoka. It is wonderful... pictures time in such a beautiful manner.

  3. Ah, full week. Glad to be reading you again. Hope to share soon. Thanks for all you do.

  4. i like your second Sedoka - imagery of monks being one with the universe and keeping it tidy at the same time ☺ thanks!

  5. This one stumped me til tonite and reading your second set seemed to all of a sudden make
    a connection with an idea.☺
    I have linked and tested went to the post for me. Thanks for your help.