Sunday, August 23, 2015

Carpe Diem Utabukuro #8

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

I am a bit late with this episode, because I am in the nightshift.
It's time again for an episode of Utabukuro in which I ask you to choose a favorite or special haiku or tanka with memories. You can choose a haiku or tanka by yourself, a classical or non-classical haiku or tanka by the poet or poetess of your own choice. No prompt or theme to follow just free choice.
After sharing your favorite haiku or tanka please tell us why you have chosen that haiku or tanka. And than write an all new haiku or tanka inspired on the haiku or tanka you have chosen.

For this episode of Utabukuro I have chosen a tanka which I wrote myself recently. It was one of my first tanka which I dared to publish on the website were my International carreer as a haiku poet started in 2005. Here is the tanka.
Lilies of the valley
their sweet perfume makes me drowsy
hot summer night
between silken sheets her warmth
honeysuckle coolness

© Chèvrefeuille

Lilies of the Valley
And this is the reason why I have chosen (immodest maybe) this Tanka, because of the response of Narayanan Raghunathan (co-founder of Wonder Haiku Worlds) and the wonderful comment as I will reproduce here:
[...] "I take the personal liberty, say literary freedom and tentatively meta cultyuro-anachronistically call this Tanka a neo-wordsworthian version of Tanka ~ It is done with care and blessed freedom ~ Well, as we know Tanka was essentially originally a genre of Japanese poetry about "love" ~ Here, that too gets exemplified very elegantly in this modern tanka ~ People who care to know about Tanka as a genre may venture to procure the first Wonder Haiku Worlds Anthology the large beautifully designed "Spasms Of Light" ~ available at and check the elaborate introduction ~ Our next Anthology is possibly expected to be published by June ~ 2016 We will surely be honored to have this Tanka in its contents, of course if you permit Chèvrefeuille ~ ` [...]

Narayanan Raghunathan  
As I read this comment I really was overwhelmed with feelings of pride and happiness. As you all know I have just recently started to write Tanka and than this kind of comments ... I am really proud.

And now I have to write an all new Tanka or Haiku inspired on this one ... I don't know if I can ... I have tried it, but I only could come up with a haiku:

midsummer night -
the scent of Honeysuckle
tickles the senses

© Chèvrefeuille
Well I hope you don't find me immodest, but I just had to share this with you all.

Try to choose a favorite haiku or tanka and tell us why you do like it and try to write/compose an all new haiku or tanka to share with us.
This episode of Utabukuro is NOW OPEN for your submissions and will remain open until next Saturday August 29th at noon (CET). Have fun! 


  1. Wow -- that IS a great comment! And you *should* be proud - you really do have the spirit of tanka in you. Namaste --

  2. What a lovely tanka...I do see Wordsworth in that poem (one of my fav poets and fortuante to visit his cottage at Lake District). Your haiku is lovely!! Je te lève mon chapeau, maître!!

  3. Congratulations Kristjaan. Beautiful inspirational tanka.

  4. Bravo!!! A great tanka ... and so happy you'll be appearing in the anthology with it!