Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Carpe Diem #915 Melody

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Welcome at a new episode of Carpe Diem. We are discovering the beauty of our senses this month and today Hamish loves to share a very short essay about melody.

A few weeks ago I challenged you with a nice piece of music and today Hamish will do the same. Here is his post:

A sense of melody is similar to a sense of nature, or of the art of conversation. It is the ability to create or recognize song and rhythm. For this prompt the best way to help you form a melodious haiku is to offer you some music that can help inspire.
Perhaps the best way to talk about melody is not to go on and on with sentences, but perhaps to provide you with a song, in a similar way to the prompt, Remember This Music we had a few weeks ago. Here, though, only the melody, sound of singing and images will be you inspiration for your haiku.
He shared the following music video by eivǿr:

I hope you will become inspired through this wonderful music in which the love for Mother is the theme. The video is in the language of the Faroer Islands and here are the lyrics and the English translation:


Mín móðir hon er sum ein drotning
Hon er sum tað vakrasta lag
Mín móðir hon er sum ein blóma
Hon er sum eitt livandi træ
Mín móðir er heim mítt kæra
Mín móðir mítt tryggasta stað
Mín móðir er bjartasta glæman
Hon lýsir mær døkkan veg
Min móðir er sterkasta hondin
Trygt heim aftur leiðir hon meg
Mín móðir hjá tær eg standi
Í hjartanum goymi eg teg

English translation:

My Mother is a Queen
Like the Finest Song
My Mother is a Flower
She is a Living Tree
My mother is My Home
My Safe Place
She is the Brightest Light
Lights my Dark Path
She is strong and leads me home safely
I stand by her and keep her in my heart

Credits: Faroer Islands

Have fun with this episode and is NOW OPEN for your submissions. This episode remains open until February 13th at noon (CET). I will (try to) publish our new episode, Temperature Warmth/ Coolness), later on.

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