Friday, January 6, 2017

Carpe Diem #1119 Miracles

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

"I believe in miracles". Every day again it is a miracle that the sun rises again, that birds start to sing. Every day I experience the beauty of unconditional love through my work as an oncology nurse, that's a miracle too. Miracles are the joy of our life and we just have to see them in the tiniest things around us. That small flower, or, as in that nice haiku by Basho, the "shepherd' s purse" under the hedge:

looking closely:
a shepherd's purse blossoming
beneath the hedge

© Basho (tr. Barnhill)

In every little thing I can see the miracles performed by God, the Creator, Great Spirit, Allah or what every other high power we know. To see those little tiny miracles we need knowledge and not a sacred or secret knowledge ... we only need the knowledge of our souls, our hearts, our minds ... the knowledge of the common people.

Everywhere on our planet there are religions, philosophies and beliefs in the power of nature, for example: Shinto, druidism, wicca and shamanism. All wonderful ways, or maybe I have to say paths of wisdom were we can learn the knowledge of common people. This is the knowledge of the Road to Santiago.

In "The Pilgrimage" Paulo's guide, Petrus, says "the path to knowledge is a path that’s open to everyone, to the common people." This is what the Road to Santiago is ... a path for everyone, just common people can go this path and learn from each other the wisdom of common man.

We all have the power to use that common knowledge just to be there for each other without anger, jealousy, hate, but with unconditional love, friendship, respect and happiness. We are on our way to discover the sacred and secret knowledge of common people while we are walking the Road to Santiago.

her miracles
make me a little child again
colorful leaves
in praise of Mother Earth
I gather them

miracles happen
in the tiniest things
daisies blooming

miracles happen
every day again flowers bloom
birds sing their song

© Chèvrefeuille

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  1. You really hit the key here, with great poetry too.

  2. Beautiful poetry, Kristjaan. Miracles are not only seen but felt...the heart reaches enlightenment, not the polished brain.:)