Friday, November 16, 2018

Carpe Diem Extra November 16th 2018 Testing a New Linking Widget

Dear Haijin, visitors, travelers,

Recently our "normal" linking widget has changed a little. There are adverts now and maybe that's not so fine, but I cannot change that. So I have an idea for a new linking widget. This linking widget I use from this is just a test. Please can you share your thoughts about it with me through the comment field?

I am looking for a new linking widget for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.

Ofcourse I will give you a small task to try this linking widget. Create a haiku or tanka inspired on the above logo of CDHK Extra


  1. I find this linking widget much easier to use than the other one, Kristjaan.

  2. I think Mister Linky is great Kristjaan- no delays with ads!

  3. Just recently I've had a delay... blue inlinkz frog graphic at top of blank page with 5 second delay before connecting to any other blogger to read linked haiku. Wondering what changed?

  4. It's a little confusing that the Mr Linky button says I should click to add a link but does not also say I should click to see and follow any links already there.  Otherwise, I found following links to work smoothly in Firefox.  Glad to avoid the ridiculous 5 sec delay that was added to the old linking widget.

  5. This month I will stay on with our "old" linking widget, but next month I will start using the Mister Linky widget. At the end of December I will evaluate it. I hope you all will be okay with that.

  6. Overall, I think the new widget is an improvement despite the problems discussed below.

    The dialog box for entering a name and URL says something hard to believe: that I only need to enter that stuff IF I participate in *In "Other" Words* (whatever that was) and provides dead links to it. 

    I accidentally entered the URL for my home page rather than the URL for my response to this challenge.  The one and only functional advantage of the old widget is that it would let me delete a link I submitted.  My response is atop my home page and will be there for some time, so my inability to delete does not matter much in this case.

    While the functionality of the new widget is great (aside from inability to delete), the wording around the buttons is confusing.  If changing the wording is too difficult or costly, it would be nice to provide a little banner above the [Mister Linky] button.  The banner could tell the user (1) that clicking is also needed to see whatever links are already there and (2) that mentions of *In "Other" Words* should be ignored when adding a link.