Sunday, December 8, 2013

Carpe Diem #344, ''dreamtide''

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

I wonder ... do you like the music by Adrian von Ziegler? I am an admirer of his work and there are a lot of people who also like his music, but I can't say that I have heard from you that you like his music. As I see and read your haiku inspired on his music than I think you like his music, but ... please feel free to say how you think about Adrian's music.

Our Christmastree

Today we were busy with decorating our home into Christmas, so our Christmas tree stands in shining briljant light and every were in our house we have tried to bring a little bit of Christmas. I love this time of year. I like the long evenings, the warmth, the music and all that's belonging to the feeling of Christmas. I think we have turned our home in to a wonderful Christmas dream.

I have another nice piece music for your inspiration and I love to share (just for fun) a second piece of music composed by Adrian von Ziegler in this episode. As I was surfing on the Internet yesterday and sought for music of Adrian von Ziegler I ran into a wondeful piece of music (as he calls it ''symphonical metal'') titled ''Life-clock'' I had to listen to that music and I had to pump up the volume ... it's just a great composition.

Really awesome piece ... did you pump up your volume too? This was just a bonus for today, say a kind of Christmas-gift. Our episode for today however is titled ''dreamtide'' and I love to share that video here with you all for your inspiration. It''s a one of kind composition with Celtic influences, but also with some Aborignal influences, at the start of this piece of music you hear a Didgeridoo.

It's a beautiful composition and it took me away in to the dreamworld. And as I have told you in one of my earlier posts here at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, I often visit Basho in ancient Japan in my dreams and I enjoy those visits very much. Maybe this music-composition will bring you also in touch with your deeper layers and rolemodels.

So have fun, be inspired and share your haiku with us all. By the way ... no haiku written by me this episode, because of lack of time (I am in the nightshift) and if you are more inspired by the bonus-video ''Lifeclock'' you may also use it for your haiku. No obligations here just fun ...

This episode will stay on until December 10th 11.59 AM (CET) and I will post our second Special by Hando later on today. !! This episode is NOW OPEN for your submissions !!


  1. Good point - actually I think I mentioned I listened to 2 hours of his music the other night to familarise myself with it. In many ways it is very soothing and much nicer than I expected. This one is quite different today. I used to like the Chieftains and Clannad quite a lot and this is similar sometimes.

  2. Thank you for introducing us to this marvelous artist....I have loved each and every selection...

  3. I really like the music .. especially the metal one... just to prove it.. here is a spotify playlist I created. It seems like some of the songs later in the months are missing there yet...

  4. I love von Ziegler's music. I think I've purchased 3 or 4 songs so far. The dude's good! I like listening for the unique instruments. Dreamtide might be my new favorite so far. I am really enjoying this artist.

  5. Lovely music ~ speaks to the heart and soul and much like the Chieftains ~ very versatile ~ thanks, Happy Week to you ~ carol, xxx

  6. I not only like this music...fantastic lad...but my some of my readers have been raving about it and have gone to iTunes to get more! Thanks for the great introduction.