Friday, January 3, 2014

Tan Renga Challenge #25, Angie's "fair-colored windows"

Good day dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

While we are on our way on a journey straight through the Soviet Union we have also other features to deal with here at Carpe Diem. One of the features is our weekly Tan Renga Challenge and today we have a little celebration, because this is our 25th regular Tan Renga Challenge.

This week I have a nice haiku for you which was written by Angie of "Angie Inspired". She wrote this haiku in response on "beautiful dreams" by Adrian von Ziegler. And as I read it ... I was in love with this haiku and I just had to use it for our Tan Renga Challenge.

Colored Windows

For those who are new here I will explain the goal of this Tan Renga Challenges. The goal is to write a second stanza of two-lines (following 7_7 syllables) towards the haiku given. It's the goal to write that second stanza by associating on the starting haiku. I hope you all understand the meaning of this feature.
The Tan Renga to complete is a haiku written by Angie ... here is that haiku:

fair-colored windows -
the barren break forth in song
better than words

(C) Angie

And here is my second stanza to complete this Tan Renga:

looking into her eyes
I see the depth of our love

(C) Chèvrefeuille, your host

This second stanza was inspired on the fair-colored windows, because the eyes are the windows of our soul. And I was inspired to let this Tan Renga be part of our journey in which we are searching for the "Aleph".

To let both stanza melt with eachother thè Tan Renga becomes:

fair-colored windows -
the barren break forth in song
better than words                            (Angie)

looking deep into her eyes
I see the depth of our love.                     (Chèvrefeuille)

I think it has become a wonderful Tan Renga and I  am looking forward to your continuation of this Tan Renga. This Tan Renga Challenge will stay on until January 10th 11.59 AM (CET) and is NOW OPEN for your submissions. Have fun, be inspired and share your completed Tan Renga with us all.


  1. A romantic haiku you got there, Kris. Very nice. This is a great idea that you pick one of the haiku to turn it into a renga. Very inspiring and I enjoy it.

  2. I like your completion of this--very sweet.

  3. sorry first link went to wrong place ..hence 2 links..

  4. Love makes everything look fair. Enchanting.