Friday, May 20, 2016

Carpe Diem Theme Week #4 (5 & 6): Latifa Prayer lines 4 & 5 "I believe and I trust" & "I let go"

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Yesterday I told you all that I hadn't time enough to create a new episode for our Theme Week therefore today I love to share two episodes in one. So in this episode we will look at line 4 and 5 respectively: "I believe and I trust" and "I let go".


Both lines are in the middle of the Latifa Prayer and that's no coincidence I think, because these two lines belong (in a way) together.  To "let go", you have to "believe and trust" that it will become okay. Without believe and trust you cannot let go. Why?

I will give it a try to explain that thought to you. Let me give you an example: "My grandson was bullied for a long time at his school. It hurt him that much that he had a time that he tried not to go to school or as he was bullied he ran away from school. One day, while he had to be at school, he stood for my home. (We live in the close surroundings of his school). He was crying and he was angry. He told me of the bullying. I just listened to his story and than I tried to analyze (together with him) what was happening at times he was bullied? He told me that he (mostly) started with yelling to the bullies or that he ran to his teacher to tell them what was going on".

And this is what I finally told him. "You have to ignore those bullies than they will have no fun with bullying". My grandson looked at me. "How can I do that? How do I ignore them?" "As they are saying things to you you walk away with head held high. You have to be proud on yourself, because you are special and they don't know that, but you do". Than he was a little while silent and I saw how his mind was "running". Than there was the smile, that beautiful strong and proud smile. "Thank you granddad I think I do understand what you have said. As I believe and trust in an on myself than the bullies will leave me and than I can let go and be happy".

From that moment on he was a proud boy and he even started to enjoy school. Of course sometime the bullies tried it again, but they never succeeded in their bullying as they did earlier.

I think this example shows us that we can "let go" the sadness and sorrows of our life just to believe and trust on ourselves and that some Higher power is guiding us.

The Altai Mountains

My response

In a way these two lines make the "I Hope"  line of the Latifa Prayer even stronger than it already is. This shows us (I think) that the Latifa Prayer is a very strong prayer and that's why we may use it. You don't need to say that prayer every day, but the Latifa Prayer meditation you can do easily every day.

Maybe you remember that Mongolian Myth "The Cry of an Eagle" in which an almost the same situation occurs with Maidar. I read that Mongolian Myth again and I enjoyed reading it again. So for my response on this part of the Latifa Prayer I reproduce the haiku from that story here:

whispering leaves
telling all wisdom of the steppes -
cry of an eagle

© Chèvrefeuille

Well ... it was a joy again to create these post and I hope I have inspired you. This episode is open for your submissions tonight at 7.00 PM (CET) and will remain open until May 25th at noon (CET).


  1. I love the story of how your grandson learned to handle bullies...with your good advice!