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Carpe Diem Theme Week #4 (7 ): Latifa Prayer lines 6 & 7: "I love" and "I am prepared"

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

I don't know what went wrong, but I have still two lines for this last episode of our 4th Theme Week about the Latifa Prayer, that powerful and wonderful Sufi prayer with roots in Islam. So I have (again) a "double" episode, sorry for that.


The first line I love to share here of this "double" episode is "I Love". What is Love? I think its an energy that "sleeps" deep down in our heart, waiting to come to bloom. Love we have in several meanings. Love as in loving another human for his / her inner beauty (and outer beauty), an unconditional love I mean in this case. But there is also something we call love, but is more about sex without that unconditional love ... just because someone needs to have sex.

I think in the Latifa Prayer it's about that first kind of love, unconditonal love for all and everything. That love stays a mystery ... you can not go on a quest for that kind of love .... that kind of love overcomes you unexpected.

lotus flowers
rising from the depths of the pond
everlasting love
like a river flows onwards
uncertain of its goal
© Chèvrefeuille
Love is about your deepest desires, let your heart speak ... and not your mind.
The last line of the Latifa Prayer "I am prepared" connects you to all and everyone around, it connects you with the desires you want. I will connect you to your Higher Self.
Earlier this week I told you that there is a kind of Latifa Prayer Meditation and I love to share that meditation here with you. It's an easy way to meditate and it will make you happy or happier than you already are.
Latifa Prayer Meditation:
Are you ready? Are you relaxed and in a nice comfortable position? Let me take you ... into the Latifa Prayer Meditation. As I am doing this meditation I always play relaxing music like e.g. the music of Karunesh . Just relaxation music. I am not a guy that sits in the "meditation-position" I love to lean back against the wall or lay down on the couch or my bed.
First I start to regulate my breathing to open my energy fields, my chakras. This takes mostly a few minutes. Than starts the Latifa Prayer Meditation:
1. At first you place your right hand on your left flank by the help of your left hand.  Always use your left hand to help your right hand. Than you say out loud: I exist. You breathe steady and softly and think about the reason why you exist. Questions will appear in your mind. Answer them.
2. Bring (by the help of your left hand), your right hand to your right flank. Say to yourself: I desire. Think about the things you desire and be aware.
3. Bring your right hand to your left lung. Say to yourself: I hope. Think about all the things you wish and want in life. Because of this you are going to be able to make space in your mind.
4. Bring your right hand to your right lung. Say out loud: I believe and I trust.  Believe and trust will make you stronger and will help you to let go of your hope and be certain about the things you doubt.
5. Place your right hand on your neck. Say: I let go. This area consists of all the things you keep to yourself like sadness, anger and your own voice. Because of letting these things slip out of your mind, you will breath better. Thinking of your own believes helps you to achieve this exercise.
6. Place your right hand on the centre of your chest. Tell yourself: I love. Loving is one of the strongest and purest feelings we have. Give your heart a chance to speak. Bring out your deepest desires.
7. To finish the prayer you bring your right hand above your bellybutton. Place your left hand on top of it and say the words: I am prepared. Being prepared will connect you with your own voice. The things you want and desire. (Source)
I hope you liked this meditation and of course that it has brought you positive energy.
(video by: LiLoveLi )
My response:
For my response on this episode I ran through my archives and gathered a few haiku which fit the theme of this episode:
dervishes whirling
seeking a higher consciousness -
third eye opens
© Chèvrefeuille
chanting their mantra
broomstick and rake in hand
true meditation
© Chèvrefeuille

the moon is rising
silvery waves resonate
in tune with my heart
© Chèvrefeuille

Well ... this was our fourth Carpe Diem Theme Week, I hope you did like this week.
This episode is NOW OPEN for your submissions and will remain open until May 26th at noon (CET). Have fun. !! Next month our Fifth Theme Week is titled "Ascension" !!


  1. Carpe Diem Theme Week #4 (7 ): Latifa Prayer lines 6 & 7: "I love" and "I am prepared"

    frog on lotus leaf
    sitting and admiring
    lotus bloom

    does it care the snake
    which looms behind .