Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wandering Spirit Challenge #1 a new feature, a call for help

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

As you all (maybe) know I am writing our CDHK feuilleton "Wandering Spirit", about the life of Yozakura, the unknown haiku poet. Recently I started writing the new episode in which I describe Yozakura's first year as an apprentice of Basho. In that episode Basho and Yozakura start to create a chained verse, a renga. Yozakura has the honor to write the starting verse, or hokku.

at dawn
birds sing their songs
dewdrops shimmer

© Yozakura

Basho has to write the second verse (or waki) of two lines and he comes up with this:

cherry blossoms bloom again
shelter for young sparrows

© Basho

Yozakura has to write the third verse (or daisan) of three lines, but he struggles with, because he has to use the "moon" or a reference to "moon" in it. Yozakura wishes to ask you all for your help with this. Can you help him with the 3rd verse (daisan)?

spring moon

Share your third verse with him through the comment field. He will choose the third verse he likes the most and as it is your verse? Than he grants you the opportunity to be featured in a Wandering Spirit Special (something like our CDHK Special).

Of course I have given it a try too, so here is my third verse to help Yozakura:

fragile beauty
makes the night mysterious
she ... the one I love

© Chèvrefeuille

I hope you like this challenge and I am looking forward to your responses. You can respond through the comment field until October 25th 10:00 PM (CET). Have fun!


  1. Shimmering night sky
    Casting her spell on water
    Ebbing and flowing.

  2. then at sundown
    as the song birds slumber
    a hawk in moonbeams


  3. Hello, here's mine: or
    this :

    hues ebb and flow

    under a lunar steady gaze

    as night sounds awaken

  4. __ I remember thinking (70 years ago) the night rain would fill the arch moon's cup; well, here below I tried. Smiles. _m

    arch moon
    rain drips from its tip
    low most

  5. dewdrops shimmer...
    in a thousand moments
    the spring moon

  6. the moon in my sake
    weighs heavily

  7. oops -- please delete my previous submission! I changed one word in the poem. Please put this one up instead (thank you!):

    purple hanging light
    illuminating branches
    sensei waits for me

  8. A very nice challege, Kristjaan. Here is my daisan:

    cool veil of mist
    covers her luminous face
    modest moon

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  10. searching
    for soul connection
    invisible moon
    © Humbird


    the pale moon hangs
    still fresh against the sky
    trailing morning glories

  12. story time
    spring moon ask again
    for a sakura .

    my humble daisan

  13. songs fade in moonlight
    fall evening closes curtains
    on sparrow's nest

  14. Wow guys and girls what a joy to read all of your responses on Yozakura's question. Will not be easy to choose the right daisan.