Sunday, August 18, 2013

Carpe Diem #275, Longing for the Unknown

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

What a wonderful month ... all those wonderful musical pieces by Karunesh it's an every day joy to prepare these episodes and share his music for your (and mine) inspiration. Today another wonderful composition I love to share with you all. It's a nice piece of music, I only can't remember that there were lyrics to this piece of music, but well ... it doesn't matter ... it's really a nice piece of music.
I was meditating and contemplating on the title of this composition "Longing for the Unknown". It brought back sad memories to the time I was in the occult 'longing for the unknown', maybe to be a mighty guy or a guy with magical powers? Were was I longing for? Nowadays I am longing for unconditional love spreaded all over the world to make our world a better place. I am longing for next year. I will become a granddad again in early spring next year, my youngest daughter (21 yr) is pregnant of her first child.
There was a time that I only longed for children, but that I wouldn't become a dad myself. Now ... I am a dad of four children and the granddad of six grandchildren (and number 7 on it's way). Life is a mystery and as my father always said: "God's Ways are Inscrutable". And my dad was right ... I never could have dreamed about myself becoming a haiku poet with an international name, I never could have dreamed that I have become who I wanted to be ... just a guy who lives out of unconditional love and seeing God in everyone and everything around me. (Video by Frank Verdonck)

So now with this music-video I love to ask you all "What are you Longing for?" Don't feel shy, I think that this kind of questions can help you to become inspired to write a new haiku ... and I hope that you all feel save enough in our haiku-community to share those thoughts.

drizzling summerday
longing for the autumn weather -
harvesting apples

A nice way of longing to the fresh new harvest of the apple trees in the backyard.
This prompt will stay on 'till August 20th 11.59 AM (CET) and I will post our next episode, A Journey to India, later on today around 7.00 PM (CET). !! Longing for the Unknown is open for submissions at 7.00 PM (CET) !!


  1. Life is really unpredictable ... it's great to hear the good news :-)

  2. Such longing for what's not in the present... I think it's very human to feel thus.

  3. I love your haiku about the apples--I also long for a nice crisp cool day and fresh apples!

  4. I wrote my regular blog post about the joys of haiku and also mentioned (and linked to) your fabulous site. I hope it sends even more poets your way.

  5. It's been a pleasure to visit everyone blog and read their responses.
    Now I need to think about my response...

  6. Thanks for 'hosting' this sight filled with beautiful poetry and music and info ~ thanks, carol, xo