Friday, August 30, 2013

Carpe Diem #285, The Peace Within

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

With sadness and joy I publish our last Carpe Diem episode of August with the wonderful music of Karunesh. I have enjoyed this month very much and as I read all of your comments and haiku I am sure that you all have enjoyed it too.
Next December I hope to do another Carpe Diem month with inspirational music. Which musician's music I am gonna use that month I will reveal in November as I publish the December prompt-list.
I am looking forward to our next Carpe Diem month in which we have all classical Japanese kigo (seasonwords) for autumn.
OK ... back to our episode for today The Peace Within, our last musical piece by Karunesh. I am glad that he granted me his permission and I am grateful for that. Thank you Karunesh for this honor.

This piece of music has a wonderful title I think. 'The Peace Within' is referring to the balance in your life which brings peace within. To me that's what haiku does. I write haiku since the late eighties and I have grown to a balanced person with a heart full of joy and love. I even think that haiku has a positive influence on my work as an oncology nurse. I am more balanced through haiku and I hope haiku does that also to you all.

'The Peace Within' is gorgeous so lean back, listen to the music, become one with the music and enjoy the video which is made by: eljasydanina

Well ... did you like it?

the gentle breeze
refreshes my troubled mind -
finally peace within

finally peace within
my head completely empty
through the spring breeze

This prompt will stay on 'till September 1st 11.59 AM (CET) and I will publish our next episode, the first prompt of September, Risshuu (coming of autumn), later on today around 7.00 PM (CET) I hope. It will be a joy to prepare all the wonderful kigo of autumn and the Specials by Southard. So pick up your pencil and paper and write your haiku right from the heart and inspired on 'The Peace Within' by Karunesh. You can submit your haiku at 7.00 PM (CET) today.



  1. It is time again for me to thank you for being the best host! You teach by example, my friend...

  2. This is amazing... this have soon been going on for a year, and looking back I have learned so much. It has been an intense week, and it was such a pleasure to sit down and read your wonderful entry...

  3. Wonderful haiku ~ can feel the breeze cleansing ~ Wonderful post also as always ~ Thanks, carol, xo

  4. Wonderful pair of haiku, wonderful month, wonderful daily challenge Kristjaan. Trifextra have a haiku one-off challenge this weekend.

  5. I like your coupling. Very peaceful.

  6. thank you once again for a beautiful challenge, Kristjaan. i did put a message out to WP Support about the problem with commenting. just waiting to see what the remedy may be.