Saturday, August 31, 2013

Carpe Diem Sneak Preview

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

As our first anniversary is coming closer I love to look back at our first year of Carpe Diem and I would like to give you all a sneak preview into our second year of Carpe Diem.

As I started with Carpe Diem a long cherrished wish came true. It started with the deep wish to create a place on the world wide web for haijin to write and share their haiku and I hoped to promote the haiku as an Art with a capital A.
First I tried it with a weekly haiku meme "Tackle It Tuesday" at Chèvrefeuille's haikublog, my base haikublog on blogspot (Google). It wasn't a big success, but it became clear that a daily haiku meme would be an opportunity to share and promote my beloved haiku. In September 2012, I was attending Haiku Heights daily haiku challenge, the website by Leo, the idea to have my own daily haiku meme became a major task

Our first logo

and a deep wish came true as I started Chèvrefeuille's Carpe Diem, a daily haiku meme on October 1st 2012 with the first prompt Waterfall which I posted already on September 21st 2012. This first prompt had six (6) contributors. Four of them are still loyal contributors to Carpe Diem almost a year later. I started to write Carpe Diem Previews to look back on the haiku which were published and I introduced the Carpe Diem Special episodes in which I elected a haiku written by another haiku-poet for inspiration. In October 2012 Basho, whom I see as my master and role-model, was the first featured haiku-master. The months following we had also the other three great haiku-masters and the greatest haiku-poetess, Issa, Buson, Shiki and Chiyo-Ni. They all were introduced and I shared their most beautiful haiku with you all for your inspiration.

With the coming of December, the winter month (at least in my part of the world), I introduced, the classical Japanese kigo (seasonwords) and used them for prompts. To me, and to the contributors, this was really a tough challenge, but it was a joy and a big success. So I decided to use kigo in the months in which the changing of seasons occurs. In January 2013 I introduced a new feature Carpe Diem's Imagination in which a photo, painting or other image was provided for inspiration. It was another success and on a certain regular base I published other episodes of Imagination.
I almost forgot the Carpe Diem Lectures, which I started in November 2012 to share a bit of my knowledge about haiku.
This year, 2013, Carpe Diem evolved and I started several special weeks as we had e.g. in April 2013, The Zodiac days.

In April I had my 25th anniversary as a haiku poet, so that month the Specials were all haiku written by myself. April was a very festive month not at least by becoming 50 yrs of age of your host, but also the month of haibun. I started Carpe Diem's Kamishibai an all new feature in which the goal was to write haibun.

Carpe Diem has evolved to a weblog worth visiting and worth to grow further. I started new features and they were all (and still are) very succesful as there are the Tan Renga Challenge; Freestyle; Little Ones and recently Distillation. And we had wonderful Special haiku by Jane Reichhold. It was really a honor to may use her haiku in July. And last but not least we had the wonderful music by Karunesh and Guy Sweens. Really Carpe Diem has started to become a worldwide respected weblog with honored guests. Of course I hope that Carpe Diem will become a bigger family, a bigger community of haiku poets, but that's all hidden in the future behind the veils of time.

Logo Carpe Diem September 2013

I will lift a little bit of the veil and share a bit of the future of Carpe Diem.
In our first anniversary month we will have all prompts which you all suggested and the Specials are by Garry Gay  a well known modern American haiku poet (and photographer) who created the Rengay, a kind of Renga. I will write a Carpe Diem Lecture soon about this Rengay and I am preparing a kind of new challenging feature around this Rengay.
In December I will prepare another month with Inspirational music as we had in August. I have already found the musician for that month, but I have to contact him for permission. Of course our Carpe Diem features e.g. Tan Renga Challenge and Distillation will be continued on a regular base and I hope to introduce a few new Carpe Diem features.
As we enter 2014 I will have a few special months which I can say nothing about at this moment, but I think that you all will like those special months.

Well ... our second Carpe Diem year looks great and I hope that you all will be part of that new Carpe Diem year.


Chèvrefeuille, your host

PS.: If you have suggestions for our prompts ... then please share them in the Prompt Suggestion Section of our weblog.


  1. Looking forward to whatever lies ahead. You have created something marvelous here and I know many of us appreciate it deeply.

  2. Wonderful ideas, Kristjaan! And congrats on doing such a great job and creating a beautiful community of haijin. I was a late member of the community but I am glad to have joined such lovely people like you here, even if it was late.

  3. Yes, you have created a special place for learning and sharing haiku and I'm so glad you are continuing into your second year. I feel honored to be part of the community you have created.

  4. It sounds like you have so many new ideas for the coming year! Looking forward to it.

  5. beautiful happenings here - sharing your love for haiku, inspiring the world to be more at peace, more at love ,through the art of haiku. wonderful.

  6. Oh I recall the Haiku heights september challenge, how it pulled my in trying to write daily haiku... and I found Carpe Diem.. and I think I have written most days. I have loved the season-words, and the possibility to do new things. There are still so many things to explore. One year is amazing, and have changed me a lot... Not just in haiku but in poetry in general....