Thursday, April 10, 2014

Carpe Diem #444, Ghost Writer 5, Bjorn

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

What a joy it was to make this 'ghost-writer'- week. Today we have our last 'ghost-writer' Bjorn Rudberg of Bjorn Brudberg's writings ... he has used the given prompt from our April-list 'Lingering Cold'.
I hope you all did enjoy this 'ghost-writing'- week and that you are looking forward to our next 'ghost-writing'- week in May. Here is Bjorn's post on "Lingering Cold".


Carpe Diem Haiku "Lingering Cold"

Hello this is Björn providing the prompt for todays Carpe Diem. The scheduled kigo is “lingering cold”, this fits so well with April. Here in Sweden it seems to be a period where spring hesitate, during the day it could be lovely and sunny, and still filled with cold winds, snow or rain. My first thought for the prompt was not a haiku but a lovely poem by Swedish poet Karin Boye.


Yes, of course it hurts when buds are breaking.Why else would the springtime falter?
Why would all our ardent longing
bind itself in frozen, bitter pallor?
After all, the bud was covered all the winter.
What new thing is it that bursts and wears?
Yes, of course it hurts when buds are breaking,
hurts for that which grows
                          and that which bars.

Yes, it is hard when drops are falling.Trembling with fear, and heavy hanging,
cleaving to the twig, and swelling, sliding -
weight draws them down, though they go on clinging.
Hard to be uncertain, afraid and divided,
hard to feel the depths attract and call,
yet sit fast and merely tremble -
hard to want to stay
                   and want to fall.

Then, when things are worst and nothing helpsthe tree's buds break as in rejoicing,
then, when no fear holds back any longer,
down in glitter go the twig's drops plunging,
forget that they were frightened by the new,
forget their fear before the flight unfurled -
feel for a second their greatest safety,
rest in that trust
                    that creates the world.


Bursting Buds

April is the blessing of sun’s kisses and frosty morning. It’s sudden back-lashes into winter and torrential rain. We have lingering cold and anticipation of warmer weather

sunkissed cherrytree
laments the frosty morning -
tears of white petals

(Björn Rudberg)


That was our last 'ghost-writer'-post the used photo is different from the one Bjorn used, because I couldn't get his photo into this post, but it's almost the same as he used. Sorry Bjorn I hope you don't mind.

This episode will be open for your submissions tonight at 7.00 PM (CET) and will remain open until April 13th 11.59 AM (CET). I will try to post our next episode, Raindrops, later on today. For now ... have fun and be inspired.
To conclude this 'ghost-writer'-week I love to thank our ghost-writers, Jules, Managua, Ese, Belinda and Bjorn, for their effort to write a post. You were all great ... thank you!


  1. Wow, what a beautiful poem. I never heard of Boye. Thank you so much, Bjorn! And Kristjaan, this is just another good example, what a terrific idea it was to have this ghost writer week. I have loved reading each post (even the ones I didn't manage to do) and learning a little more about my CDHK friends.

  2. Hi.. how fun it was to write this... and sharing the burden of writing is great. When I saw the kigo of today, my first thought went to Karin Boye.. her poetry is available at

    She was on her way to international fame with the dystopy Kalocain when she committed suicide. Her poetry is well-known by every Swede.

    1. Such a pity. beautiful poem. Thanks for the prompt. I really enjoyed it