Sunday, April 6, 2014

Carpe Diem #440, Ghost-Writer Jules


Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Here it is ... finally ... our first Ghost-Writer week. I hope this week will inspire you all to write wonderful haiku and maybe this week will make you enthousiastic to be a Ghost-Writer yourself for Carpe Diem ... if you would like to be Ghost-Writer for May 2014 than let me know and I will see what I can do for you. As all is going well than I hope to do a new Ghost-Writer week in week 19 (May 5th - 11th) ... Oke ... here it is our first Ghost Writer, Jules of Jules Gems and Stuff. Enjoy the read and share your haiku, senryu, tanka, kyoka or haibun with our haiku-family here at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. 


Ghost Writer for Haiku Kai: Jules (JulesPaige because words are like Jewels on a Page)

While I only have informal training in the art of haiku I enjoy the challenge of short forms to speak volumes. The haibun, while a good bit of prose can have haiku throughout or just as an ending summation. Though I have only been blogging for about two or three years, I have been experimenting with words for four decades (plus). And one of the things I enjoy doing is mixing short forms, I am a rebel that way. Some of my favorite short forms I have shared on my daily WordPress site on the following pages which explains these forms:
You can find more about these poetry-forms at:

While I know there are many more short forms I encourage you too, to mix haiku with other short forms and share the 'how to’s' and your verse with us. I offer these examples:

Mirror Elfje Sandwiches  a haiku

even lakes
constantly moves, flowing
tugged by the moon

returning to start -
looking to go home again
and yet we cannot…

tugged by the moon
moments ever changing
forward motion


Mixed short forms: Elfje Trio, haiku (three lines) and a three words

A Month of Goodbyes #6

Am the
Pink rubber ball
Smacked on the curb

Those days
Youthful carefree summers
Spent playing without fear

Memories flutter
Responsibilities grew – rose
To meet the sky

bounce, resiliency
adapt, mature, run the race
until breath ceases

…auf wiedersehen, adieu…


haiku series with an Elfje closure:

Elegant Equations

careful devotion
dedication to our truths
the ones we were taught

they mattered then, when
in our younger days, counting
was part of the rule

then considered pure
though a borrowed form, haiku
brought us calming peace

and still now to us
in our counted days, matter;
ink in our souls runs

staccato and smooth
as our pastoral thoughts flow -
counting moons and stars…

practitioners preach
reaching new audiences
with calm devotion

counting our blessings
narrowing distances
with our own haiku


ever so
gently with ease
every syllable that matters -

(c) JP/davh

This episode is open for your submissions tonight at 7.00 PM (CET) and will remain open until April 9th 11.59 AM (CET). I will post our new Ghost-Writer episode written by Managua, later on today. For now ... have fun and be inspired.


  1. Interesting - we were drowned in examples and I prefer the traditional format or near to a 17 syllable version, otherwise we might drift away from other aspects of haiku and that 'moment.' I certainly found it very, very hard to do a post and it made me admire what Kristjaan does all the more!

    1. Drowning was not the objective. Swimming and floating was - I did mention that not all the examples had to be used. I like to learn new forms; pi ku has only 8 syllables and tau ku has 16.

    2. Thank you for your participation. I cannot seem to leave comments on your site.

      Trees can be magical any time of the year.

  2. i luved Jules' 'A Month of Goodbyes #6' Bravo Jules!!!

    Dear Kristjaan; Yes i would like to be one of your 'ghost writers', slot me in

    Have a nice Sunday

    much love...

    1. Thank you for your kindness. You are a gem Gillena!


  3. Your admiration is well founded, Managua!

  4. I would like to do ghostwriting, too, Kristjaan. I enjoyed this post although my brain cannot wrap itself around a new form this evening. Thanks Jules.

    1. Just that you have read the words are enough.
      Maybe a seed or two have been planted?

      I know that some haiku traditionalists would prefer not to stray.
      Again thank you, Jules

    2. Thank you for reading. That is all one can ask.

      All the best ~Jules

  5. Lovely prompt...I was a little confused for a moment...but then I remembered my Shatsu days and realized Jules was doing this prompt in the clasical Japanese manner...examples - hands-on learning..great!

    1. Thank you for comparing my examples to classical Japanese -
      I only did what I thought was best.

      I did have links to sites with other examples because I didn't want it to get too long - which it did anyway :)

      Thanks, Jules

  6. I always have a lot of difficulty posting comments...hopefully my last one came through.

  7. I would have left a comment for Opie... but I do not have a facebook account.
    Thanks for your lovely haiku.

    I like to change up the contents too. While I know nature is predominant. I like your haiku about decoding the data.