Monday, August 18, 2014

Carpe Diem #542, Tapestry

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

I have to apologize to you all. Why? Well let me tell you. As I was preparing our prompt-list for this month I was reading the Dutch version of “Sand and Foam” and while reading it I ran into wonderful prompts for example, in Dutch “kleed” which means “to dress”. I, however, translated it into ‘tapestry’, our prompt for today. So for today I sought the whole book “Sand and Foam” through, but (of course) couldn’t find “tapestry” in it, because I had translated it in the wrong way.
But … I have decided to use “tapestry” for our prompt today and I take the opportunity to lift a tip of the veil to give you all a look inside my personal philosophy.
Credits: Maximo Laura (Tapestry artist)
 Life is like a tapestry

The creation of a tapestry starts at the beginning with an empty weaving loom. The weaver sits in front of it and meditates and contemplates about what he/she would like to create. Is it just a piece of art-work or does it have meaning? It doesn’t really matter. The weaving technique is the same (I think), but the result can be so much different. After he/she has decided what to make he/she will make a sketch and decides which colours, which material and which technique will be used.
Than he/she starts to create his/her tapestry and while looking at that process one can see how the tapestry becomes as was the idea … the colours are coming together making patterns, creatures, flowers and so on are becoming real … at the end the weaver sits back looks at his/her work and will smile, maybe will applaud and yell “eureka!” Another wonderful tapestry has been created and can be sold … or just put on the wall at their home.
Credits: Eyes On Nature (In Textile-Art)

What has this to do with that tip of the veil to give a look inside my personal philosophy? Well … I will tell you.

I think that our lives can be compared with a tapestry. As we are born the Weaver (God or Higher Self) starts his work with us. He looks at us and sees our future already, but he doesn’t know how our path would be going … which decisions we make … say ‘karma’ … The Weaver cannot interfere in our life. We are making our own mistakes, making the wrong decisions and so on. But … the Weaver has an idea about our lives. He has a design in mind for us and that design he starts weaving on his weaving loom.
tapestry of life
flamboyant colours all over -

© Chèvrefeuille

Our life is a tapestry and in every tapestry there are little faults or mistakes, but those faults and mistakes have their charm also, they make the tapestry unique … our lives are unique … we all have goals in our lives and we all hope to reach those goals. Sometimes such a goal is in reach, but it can also be out reach … Than we have to re-design our goals and start all over again with our path … In our life we will come across various paths, ways, waters, countries and crossroads … on every crossroad we have to decide which way we will go … all those choices are part of the design the Weaver has in mind for his tapestry, for us.
Credits: Pheasants (Japanese Tapestry-Art)

At the end of our lives, our loved ones will look at our tapestry and the Weaver looks at it also. Our loved ones and the Weaver are in my opinion the same entity, the same energy. Because those who are around us, living as well as deceased, are co-workers of the Weaver. I believe that we all are planted in the right surroundings, in the right families, in the right countries and in the threads of the tapestry of life.
tears in my eyes
as I look at my tapestry -
it was great!

© Chèvrefeuille

Well … call me a nutcase or a philosopher, but it’s just my idea about life. And I think it sounds great. Would be awesome to look at that life-tapestry at the end of my life and see what life has done to me … I think I would be proud, I would cry of happiness … because … I lived my life as I had planned.
I hope you did like this post and I hope you will forgive me that I have told you a little bit more about my personal life and philosophy. I had to come up with something ... (smiles), because of my wrong translation as mentioned above.
This episode is open for your submissions tonight at 7.00 PM (CET) and will remain open until August 21st at noon. I will try to post our new episode, our 22nd episode of Ghost Writer, later on.


  1. Kristjaan this is a wonderful article.. you have done an amazing job when translation sent you wrong,, but I bow to you in respect... this is amazing.

  2. Translation, transliteration - each thread works. Your words are well woven.

  3. Very nice post, and don't worry! You do extremely well in English, better than many native speakers.

  4. I believe each life is a beautiful tapestry. We have many knots and mistakes but in the end each is a masterpiece. Thank you so much for your beautiful way of seeing life Kristjaan!!

  5. A happy accident gave up this prompt.


  6. Love the first haiku ~ 'awakening' ~ tears of joy is lovely too ~ happy week to you!

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  7. A wonderful post, Kristjaan!
    Namaste ~~

  8. "The mistakes we make are actually things we subconsciously decided to do."
    This is philosophy of someone I know - not one I entirely agree with though. I start of with 'how', 'why', 'what if' and many other arguments over this philosophy.

    Reading through this post, I thought 'good mistake' :)
    Thanks for a wonderful post, Kristjaan...
    Now I will try to write a haiku... hopefully good...

  9. Kristjaan,
    Sometimes I think that while summer is full of color, autumn or fall is more colorful still wanting us to remember the tapestry of life before a long winters sleep.