Sunday, May 31, 2015

Carpe Diem #747 arrival of summer

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Welcome at a new month of Carpe Diem in which we will celebrate SUMMERTIME by using the Saijiki (list of kigo) "A Dictionary of Haiku" by Jane Reichhold to whom I am so grateful that she is part of Carpe Diem and has granted me permission to use her modern kigo for summer and her haiku.

Summer, and on the southern hemisphere, Winter, is almost there. As I started to prepare the prompt-list for this month I first thought to make two lists, one with summer kigo and one with winter kigo, but that took to much time. So I decided to use the summer kigo because I am living on the Northern hemisphere. Maybe I will do that later on this year as we are going into autumn (Northern) and spring (Southern) .... but that's later this year.

Summer ... my season of the year. As you maybe could have read in one of our earlier posts I love to be in the nude in nature and summer is the season for that. Of course it's prohibited to do that in public, but here in The Netherlands we have places where you may be in the nude in nature and of course ... I can do that in my own garden if possible.
Summer .... the sun is on her highest point and nature is in full bloom. Temperatures are rising and (even here in The Netherlands) the rain is sometimes a long time away. I see the beaches and feel the warm sea breeze ... hormones fly through my body and at those times I enjoy looking back to the time I was a youngster and fell in love for the very first time, making love in the woods or at nights on the beach ... yes nice memories. All those feelings connecting me with summer and nature ... really awesome.

Credits: Arrival of Summer - oil-painting by Cristine Sundquist

Our prompt for today is arrival of summer and here in The Netherlands we are really longing for summer after a cold and very wet May ... of course we had a few warm days in May, but not as much as we have mostly.

Every prompt this month is a modern kigo (seasonword) for summer as gathered by Jane Reichhold and in every episode I will share a haiku by Jane Reichhold based on that modern kigo for summer. So today the haiku which I love to share is based on arrival of summer.

summer again
sun pennies in the sky
of the river

© Jane Reichhold

What a wonderful scene don't you agree? The sun reflects in the stream  and her beams are giving the surroundings a magical and mysterious look ... awesome.

mountain stream
the ice has melted - dances in the sun
crystal waterdrops

© Chèvrefeuille

Hm ... not a strong one I think, but it was the first thing which came in mind so I had to share it here. Here is another one but now I have tried to make a baransu haiku by associating on the images in the lines. I have taken the first line of my above haiku to start with.

"mountain stream" ... in this line I can associate on mountain and stream and than the following images appear; eagles, thin air, perpetual snow, bright sun light, bright blue sky and salmon, waves, water sounds, crystal clear, pebble-stones, freshness ..., but what to use in this baransu haiku for it's second line.
"salmon swims to the well in thin air" .... I don't know for sure, but I think this is what I would use for the second line. On what images I can associate? I can associate on salmon, well, thin air .... I have chosen to use salmon (in fact I use the spiritual meaning of salmon) in this third line.
"rebirth of summer"

Here is the final baransu haiku:

mountain stream
salmon swims to the well in thin air
rebirth of summer

© Chèvrefeuille

This haiku sounds great, but what do you think? Do I have to chance something in this verse? I love to make the second line a bit shorter, but I also want to capture and hold the scene in that second line. Maybe you, my dear Haijin, can help me with this one.

This episode is open for your submissions tonight at 7.00 PM (CET) and will remain open until June 3rd at noon (CET). I will try to publish our new episode, our first CD Special by Rallentanda, later on. For now ... have fun!


  1. Hi Master Chèvrefeuille! - I would drop 'in thin air' to make the 2nd line shorter. Great start to the month. Jane's haiku shows what on can do with light and reflections, even if I found the first line very casual.

  2. Sending a huge "thank you" to you and to Jane Reichhold! This will be another wonderful month at Carpe Diem. Here's to soaking up that summer warmth :)