Saturday, June 24, 2017

Carpe Diem Extra June 24th 2017 "writer's block"

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

I love to ask you something if you don't mind? I have a kind of "writer's block", because I have not a clue what theme I could use for our next month of haiku-ing. Do you have an idea for prompts for our upcoming month July. Please share them with me through the comments field.

Thank you for participating in CDHK.


Chèvrefeuille your host

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  1. I smiled when I first saw this, as after a few years of excellent themes and prompts I wondered when this moment might arise, but of course it is a very serious issue.

    I think along with the theme we need to explore the idea of all of us encouraging CDHK grow, starting next month. It is not enough just writing haiku, we need to use our skills and contacts online to continue to keep CDHK growing. We also need to be glancing a bit more at each other's haiku at times, just as on other literary sites, where you are demanded too. The beauty of CDHK is we are not, but we also lost one or two because of this. So next month we need to focus on this.
    Chèvrefeuille, I strongly recommend bringing back the Ghostwriter series next month. (Though I remember it changed name). This will delegate a bit. I think if we had 1 of these posts a week it might be fun.
    You could make "summer retreat" the main theme of the month, simple, but with a new post every day about one aspect of summer.
    Or a month of "Childhood" theme, which might be nice.
    We could try the "Afriku" genre, and explore this for a month, or, and I am thinking, you could select a month of interesting towns in Europe, not capitals, but beautiful towns, or regions. As I think there are 28 countries in EU there are a month's worth!
    Those are my ideas...
    Personally, I like the Afriku idea, as it may lead to other new genres stemming from Shinrin-haiku maybe!