Thursday, July 19, 2018

Carpe Diem #1479 abandoned boat

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

We are "running" towards the end of this Imagination Without Limits month. I have read awesome responses and you all make me proud. Carpe Diem Haiku Kai is a real haiku-loving family and I can see, feel and read that in every haiku or tanka you have shared with us. Thank you all for being part of this wonderful haiku-family and that you are all active participants.

Today I have a wonderful image for you, this time one I found on one of the many Tumblrs I visit often.

abandoned boat
Look at this image. What a sad scene this is. The colors are chosen in a great way and those colors make this image very dramatic. What has happened? Why was this boat abandoned? What will happen to it as time goes on ...?

lost and alone
a boat, left in a hurry,

© Chèvrefeuille

Well ... not as strong as I had hoped. Maybe I will come up with another one later on ...

This episode is NOW OPEN for your submissions and will remain open until July 26th at noon (CEST). I will try to publish our new weekend-meditation later on. I haven't decided yet which weekend-meditation feature I will choose.

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