Saturday, July 14, 2018

Carpe Diem Summer Retreat 2018 Finding The Way

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

It's time again for our traditional seasonal retreat. A period of 30 days in which the goal is to write haiku or tanka about a theme every day. This is the Summer Retreat 2018 Finding The Way.
Here at CDHK we have had several themes about Finding The Way for example we have been on a pilgrimage along the 88 temples on Shikoku Island, the once in a lifetime to do pilgrimage for Buddhists. And we have done the pilgrimage to Santiago The Compostela. Both were actual pilgrimages, but the theme "Finding The Way" is inspired on our inner pilgrimage to Find Our Way or Find Our Path or Finding Our Inner Peace ... or whatever you will name it.

Finding The Way (Spiritual Journey)
It's Summer ... and it can be summer in your heart and mind ... find your way ... write a haiku or tanka every day on the theme "Finding The Way" for a period of 30 days. Take your time. If you haven't enough inspiration to write every day than ... don't worry ... here at CDHK are "no strings attached".

Let me give you an example of a haiku that fits this theme. This haiku is written by Yozakura, The Wandering Spirit:

lost in the woods
not enough light to find the path -
the cry of an owl

© Yozakura

Well ... I hope you will enjoy this year's Summer Retreat. The Summer Retreat is open for your submissions next Sunday July 15th at 10:00 PM (CEST) and will run to August 14th at 10:00 PM (CEST). Enjoy the Retreat.


  1. Dear participants I will read your shared poetry this weekend, because I am behind with commenting on our regular posts and those I love to visit first. It's amazing to see that the Summer Retreat has awaken your muses.

  2. Ah, the joys (and frustrations) of linking!
    Hello fellow poets - and happy challenges in this interesting Summer Retreat.
    I just wanted to note: I can't add new links, because I "foolishly" didn't realize that by posting my retreat creations to a "page" (to collect them), the link system declares my page as it was (the original linking www.) So basically, I'm "stuck" at #14 - Pat (1-3) - which is now up to #6 (and counting/adding) ... so if you are inclined to read, my posts will be showing up as they happen, without my adding any new links.
    Sorry about that.

  3. I just wanted to say, thanks again for this retreat Kristjaan - it was truly remarkable and the wealth of responses has been fascinating and interesting. It was indeed, a real journey :)