Friday, October 5, 2018

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #53 Renga With Basho #10 "summer's night"

!! Open for your submissions next Sunday October 7th at 7:00 PM (CEST) !!

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

Welcome at the first edition of our anniversary month's weekend meditations. This month I love to challenge you every weekend meditation to create a renga with one of the four greatest haiku poets ever: Basho, Issa, Buson and Shiki. This first weekend meditation I have a Renga With Basho episode with a twist, so this is a Renga With Basho Hineri episode.

I have chosen six (6) haiku written by Basho and you have to use one of them as the "hokku". As you have read this weekend meditation is titled "summer's night". "Summer's Night" is the first line of one of the six given haiku, that haiku you have to use as "hokku". The other five you can give your own line-up.
The goal is to add the two-lined stanza of approximately 14 syllables and make the renga complete. Your closing verse, the "ageku", has to close the chain through association on the "hokku".

Here are the six (6) haiku to work with and create your "renga (hineri)" together with Basho:

a bamboo shoot
when I was a child it was
fun to sketch

day after day
barley ripens

a singing skylark

Rice Paddy Sparrows (found on 123RF)

rice paddy sparrows
shelter in the tea plants
when chased away

summer's night
the tree spirit follows in
the sound of wooden shoes

clapping my hands
the echo as it dawns
of a summer moon

Shuukaidoo (Begonia Grandis)

begonia flowers
blooming in the colors
of a watermelon

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold, taken from "Basho, the complete haiku")

(*) Basho was also a haiga artist
(**) This haiku is your starting verse or "hokku"

A nice selection of haiku by Basho to work with I think. This is the opportunity to create a renga with one of the greatest haiku poets ... so have fun!

This weekend meditation is open for your submissions next Sunday October 7th at 7:00 PM (CEST) and will remain open until October 14th at noon (CEST). Enjoy your weekend.

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