Friday, October 12, 2018

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #54 Crossroads Crystal Brook (troiku)

!! Open for your submissions next Sunday October 14th at 7:00 PM (CEST) !!

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

It's weekend again, so it's time for a new weekend meditation and this weekend I have chosen to give you an all new episode of our special feature "Carpe Diem Crossroads". Let me explain the goal of crossroads here again.

You all know (I think) what a crossroad is it's a point where two (or more) roads are crossing each other. A crossroad is also a place (as several religions and philosophies are saying) were the gods are resting and were pilgrims can rest, meditate and contemplate which road they will or have to take.
I think you all have been there at least once in your lifetime. As I look at myself I have been on a crossroad several times. There were moments in my life were I was on a crossroad to make choices. Some of them I regret now, but mostly I have no regrets about my choices. One of those choices was to create CDHK as a kind of place on the Internet were haiku poets could find their inspiration to create haiku.

New Logo CD Crossroads (photo © Chèvrefeuille)

Haiku is still my first love, but during the years of our existence I learned to love and appreciate all kinds of Japanese poetry. And there we find the goal of this new feature "crossroads". In this new feature I love to challenge you to create a new haiku (ONLY haiku) inspired on two or more poems. That can be two haiku or one haiku and one tanka. Or one haiku and e.g. a sedoka. You have to create your new haiku (Only haiku) from the given poems. Sometimes I will give you a "normal" poem and a haiku (or tanka) to use for your inspiration to create haiku (ONLY haiku).

Imagine you are on a crossroad were two haiku come together. The haiku "have a conversation" and "decide" to become one. Together they create a symbiosis of a new haiku.
It will not be an easy task, but I think it will be fun.

Yozakura (1640-1716)

Here are the two haiku, by Yozakura, the Unknown Haiku Poet, you have to use. Create a "fuse" of both, you can use the words from the both haiku, but if you are inspired to create a new haiku with new words ... feel free:

crystal brook
reflects the willow trees
birds sing their song

sweet perfume
memories of a loved one
Jasmine blossom

© Yozakura

Well ... I hope you understand the goal of this new feature. Try it ... be on that crossroad ... be silent and listen to what the gods and pilgrims have left there.

For this weekend meditation I love to make this challenge a little bit more difficult. You have to create a Troiku (more above in the menu) with the "fusion" haiku you have created from the both haiku by Yozakura. A nice task for this weekend I think ... so have a wonderful weekend full of inspiration, but don't forget there is also need for time to relax (smiles).

This weekend meditation is open for your submissions next Sunday October 14th at 7:00 PM (CEST) and will remain open until October 21st at noon (CEST). Have a nice weekend!

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