Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Carpe Diem Extra March 23rd 2016 the results of the Time kukai

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

After a little CDHK storm I have finally found the time to share the results of the Time kukai. In this edition of the CDHK kukai we had 10 poets who shared 26 haiku together. It was really a joy to be the host of this kukai. And as you all (maybe) know I will create an anthology hereafter with the submissions for the "Winter"- and "Time"- kukai. During the last circumstances according to publishing I would like to ask you to email to our cdhk email-address if you don't want your haiku published in this "kukai" anthology.
Our email-address is:

Okay ... back to the results of the "Time"-kukai:

The winning haiku is the following:

morning becomes night
how much time has passed by
without a clock

This haiku got 10 points and the poetess who wrote this haiku is Sara McNulty. Congratulations Sara. As you will know, dear Sara, you have won the creation of a CDHK-E-book with a maximum of say 50 to 60 pages (or 30 haiku). The pages can of course deviate, there is not a very strict rule to that. And you will be our featured haiku poetess next month April 2016.

Than there were two runners-up Celestine with the following haiku:

midair waltz
first snowflakes and the leaves
frozen in time

And your host with his haiku:

I missed my train
snow falls softly ... tucking in the world -
she ... dressed in blue

Of course I congratulate Celestine with being runner-up. Celestine you have earned the possibility to create a CDHK Tokubetsudesu episode or I can create one about you to honor you being the runner-up.

10 points: haiku 1
9 points: haiku 5 & 26
7 points: haiku 10 & 17
5 points: haiku 4 & 11
4 points: haiku 18
3 points: haiku 24
2 points: haiku 6, 15 & 25
1 point: haiku 9, 12 & 22
the other haiku not mentioned here didn't get points.


Chèvrefeuille, your host


  1. Ow, congratulations to Sara. Very well deserved. And of course I am so tickled to win the second place with Chev. Congrats, Kristjaan. This is great news indeed.

    Please go ahead and create the episode about me, Kristjaan as you said. You know I'm so busy with my haiku anthology which I will be launching this April. I really would not know what to write! (smile) So please go ahead!

    Congrats to all the participants. The haiku were simply great.

  2. Beautifully done Sara, amply merited, and as a regular reader of yours, i would add deserved. Celestine - brill and beautiful! it was yours, such atmosphere! - and unique style - thank you for 3 great winners.

  3. Congratulations Sara and Celestine and Chev! Your words inspire me.

  4. Congratulations to the winners!!! A fabulus job all around...

  5. Congratulations! All are deserving!

  6. Next time I will join .
    By the way congrats Sara !